Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Modified Movement

For 2 1/2 years I have blogged about the pitching inequities in the Big Apple Softball League. I challenged the status quo and basically got ignored by teammates and league officials alike. I was politely told "I'm glad your not deciding the pitching rules in this league". Perhaps it was my approach, age, loud annoying voice, all of the above, whatever, but now I feel vindicated as last week the league banned 3 non-modified pitchers http://softballinsider.blogspot.com/2009/05/breaking-news-breaking-news-big-apple.htmland now a formal "superstar" complaint has been lodged against the best pitcher in the league John Brown. It was only a matter of time, and I'm sure other pitchers will be ousted using this "superstar" classification loophole.

Do I sound like I'm gloating, bitter, and dare we say happy???


More importantly, I'm happy that change is finally happening and while I disagree with the superstar classification methodology it is my most sincerest wish that a movement toward ASA modified pitching rules
http://10manmodified.com/web/ take place enforced by competent umpires. If someone follows the rules, then they should not be punished for achieving excellence. The goal in running a league should be fair and strong competition, and I believe if ASA modified pitching is followed the Big Apple League will be better and stronger than ever.

Your getting closer guys now finish the job

I've spoken to many players around the league and they are ver


  1. RR:

    Stopping your post in the middle of a sentence makes it look like you got whacked!

    Good game yesterday.


  2. hmmm, haven't u heard that before?

  3. When JB, Cedric etc. are banned, what happens? The better players will leave to find better competition. The players that are left will bask in a return to the Big Apple's status as a glorified Friday pickup game. Does the name "Los Locos" ring a bell? They can go back to being judged on their own delusional standards.

  4. David has a great point! The better players in the BASL were former CPSL players from back in its hey day. The competition on Saturday decreased and the level of talent followed soon there after.

    The infamous 10 Man Modified pitching rules hand out.....
    It's a great start and if you follow it to the T how many pitchers would be able to pitch? Ten man modified is Ninety degrees and think of all the Modified pitchers that go past that??? Yes, just cuz you drop down doesn't mean that it's ok to go past 9 (???) or ninety degrees.

  5. JB's stats!
    How can anyone say he isnt dominating?

    2008 IP 67 ER 2 Record 10-0
    2007 IP 33 ER 2 Record 5-0

    Give me a break!
    He would have much better stats if he was at every game, they just make sure he is there to qualify and if he feels like coming or big games. If he was Legal-i could care less and i am not in favor of banning anyone from playing if they abide by rules, however, JB does not. Video tape him and you will see the illegal delivery.