Monday, May 18, 2009

Judge Mountain CJ Landis

Last week I wrote a blog
blasting EMS and Saturday Central Park Softball umpire James Flowers for terrible officiating in the WolfPack-Cavalier game. Well I was mad as hell an wasn't going to to take it anymore so I emailed EMS commissioner
CJ Johnson @ CJCOMMISH@AOL.COM to complain. I didn't expect CJ to act as aggressively as legendary MLB commissioner Judge Mountain Landis
but to his credit he did.
CJ took control. He researched the matter, verified my story, and suspended James. CJ gets dissed and criticized a lot, at times for good reason, but this time he got the job done right.
Well done.


  1. Rick, stop bringing unnecessary attention to yourself and the teams you play for. These umpires are a big fraternity that stick together. Your taking money out of these guys pockets and they will f&@k you/the teams you play on when it counts. Your reputation and bitching will catch up to you. Leave it alone.

    Furthermore, don't you ump? Your gonna make mistakes bro. Let it go and move forward.


  2. I agree with Dio. That ump has been around for years and years, so you'll be seeing him again. Guess what kind of calls are coming next time. There are horrible umpires all over the place and worse than him. Anyway, get a clue. At the highest level (MLB) bad calls are made each and everyday. And you want competence from weekend warrior umps in what amounts to beer league softball. Come on dude. Take a look at that picture again of the umps with CJ. Do they look like a group of professional, highly skilled arbiters or do they belong in a police lineup? All that's missing is seven numbers on their chest.
    Forget the umps and stick to whining about slingers. Just kidding.


  3. SO WHAT! He made a mistake as so many amateur umpires do. C'mon, if professional umpires make bonehead calls why wouldn't people who do this on a part time basis?

    The METS shouldn't even have made the playoffs in 1986 but that bonehead umpire called a Met safe at first base continuing the inning allowing the Mets to move on. Yes, that was subtle jab at you Mr. Met.

    Haven't you ever made bonehead calls while you were umpiring? I personally know of a couple of bonehead calls/actions you made in coed where I had to pull you to the side young man!

    Let it go! You are a ball player and as such you should have left this on the field as ballplayers do.

    Move on...........

  4. Rick, I do not know the facts of what happen, so I will only comment on your choice of action, to criticize so vehemently. Yr a ball players first and Ump second. It is of the utmost importance that you & all players remember this is a competitive sport, but not the end of all. Its a Game, not your life. Relax Brother...:
    Ump OJ

  5. Yo rick,i hope they fuckt u up for this one. That ump is father to 5 kids i hope you give him the money he lost. Cj is just a c..k sucker you can manipulate let it go bro....Softball is just an excuse to hang with your fellow felons and drink some beers..Rick let it go...