Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vegas odds Americas Next Top SB Commissioner

Much props to my fellow Cardinal Spellman High Alumni Sonia Sotomayor
who President Barack Obama tapped for the Supreme Court, making her the first Hispanic in history picked to wear the robes of a justice.


It took balls and vision for Barack to select Sonia so it got me to thinking who would I tap as Americas Next Top SB Commissioner.

While I might not be as stunning as Americas Next Top Model host
Tyra Banks
I am as opinionated, qualified, obnoxious and ... like her humbled by a recent battle of the bulge to the Search for Americas Next SB Commissioner

Current Vegas Odds are as follows:

2 to 1

Lou "22" Gonzalez - Big favorite, Dude the guy's nickname is the "Commish" - tough to top that

3 to 1

Gilberto Gonzalez - If you think pitching rules are tight in Inwood you ain't seen nothing yet. Gilberto would rule with an Iron Fist

25 to 1
Jimmy Bitros One of the kindest people I know, but just wouldn't want the job b/c he doesn't want people hating him.

Joel Goldman (middle below)
Too Right Wing. The people would revolt!!!!! Que Viva La Revolucion

500 to 1
No one would understand him plus he makes too much money grounds keeping to take the job.

1,000 to 1
Dio JacksonWould give speeches that not even Obama could match, but would be impeached Richard Nixon style.

I would pick Gil, but what do you the readers think?

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