Friday, May 22, 2009

Softball GroundHog Day on May 21st

It's the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, but last night I couldn't help but feeling the way Bill Murray did in the classic movie Groundhog Day.

In the movie Murray's character was a selfish news reporter forced to cover a quaint little human interest story about how a small town celebrated Groundhogs day. However. he thought the story was beneath him and acted like an asshole to everyone and just wanted the story to be over. As punishment the magic of groundhogs day forced him to relive the same day over and over again. At first, he thought it was cool b/c he could eat, drink, and do anything he wanted without worrying about the ramifications of tomorrow.But that charm soon wore off, and he started going mad

Well last night turned into a Softball Groundhogs day for me.
I had it all planned out. I would 1st play in a modified game in Red Hook in the Wall Street League (WSSL) ( and then take a quick 5-10 minute ride and umpire a non competitive division II Yorkville Men's modified game on grand street . I was thinking this would be the Best of Both World's - Play ball and make some easy money on the same night, and for a while everything was going according to plan. We played a brisk 1 hour game in Red Hook and I was on grand street in my umpire uniform 10 minutes before game time.

Things even got better as the men's modified game I was umping looked to be a mercy as the Flex Bruisers got out to a commanding 12-2 lead after 2 innings over a team called the Cough Drops ( I can't make that up). Like I said Easy money.
Yeah right.
As the Agent of Chaos the Joker would say "And Here we Go" and soon Chaos erupted!!
The Flex Bruiser pitcher could not throw a strike, Not a single goddamn one. It turned into every umps groundhogs day nightmare. A long poorly played and walk filled game. The Cough Drops rallied for several runs and they game turned into a seesaw back and forth marathon. After 4 innings the score was 18-17. Let me repeat that, 4 inings and a 18-17 score, Brutal.
I just wanted this day to be over, built SB Groundhogs day continued. I had hope in the 5th when the Bruisers launched an 11 run assault and got the score to 29-17, which was right at the 12 run mercy rule limit. All I needed was 3 outs and I was out of dodge. In the bottom of the 5th, the Cough Drops loaded the bases with 2 outs, and their 3 batter lined a shot to LCF and the game appeared to be over, but the kid dropped the ball and it went for a grand slam. No Mercy. No Justice. No Peace. The game must go on.
This two plus hour "offensive" display finally ended with the Bruisers winning 29-24, and the game only ended b/c the lights went out.
Groundhogs Day for me on May 21st was finally over and my lesson was learned, as an ump never wish for a mercy

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