Sunday, May 17, 2009

The road to Hell's Kitchen is paved with good intentions

They say "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions". I guess that means good ideas go wrong, and with Hell's Kitchen (HK), softball (my team) the jury is still out, but yesterday we got a little heavenly help to earn a doubleheader sweep over the Bombers in the Big Apple League to improve to 4-2 overall. A long winter of recruiting and over recruiting (is there such a thing as over recruiting???) paid off for HK as despite being without Joe Soto, George Colon, Sito Baez, Issac "Gubi Delgado , and Mike McDonough the new players plus established veterans got the job done.

In game one, new pitcher Andy Muldanado gave the HK a big boost by throwing 4 strong innings before having to go to work. Before Andy departed, HK jumped all over Bomber Ace and softball pitching legend Cedric to build a commanding 8-0 lead. The 8 run explosion was capped by a three run blast by new HK player Walter Mercado. Please do not confuse our version of Walter Mercado with the outlandish Spanish horoscope guy

Our Walter is a much better hitter, dresser, and a Hell of a lot more honest.

On a side note, one of the more entertaining moments of game 1 was the confrontation between me and Cedric. During my at bat he start yelling Johnny Castillo as he pitched, he eventually walked me and really pissed me the fuck off. Whatever, its my fault I should have ignored him, like Jay-Z raps "you shouldn't argue with fools b/c from a distance you can't tell who's from who ".

In game 2, the Bombers jumped out to a early lead as Angry Jack tripled in 3 runs against an over shifted HK outfield. HK ace Edgar Jr held the Bombers at bay the rest of the way and its a good thing he did b/c crafty lefty Bomber veteran hurler Teddy had HK sleeping and reeling all game by limiting us to 2 scratch runs over the first five innings. In the bottom of the sixth, Bomber manager Rudy Randolph properly went back to his ace, Cedric, to close out the game. Cedric was about to survive some hard hit balls and walks to safely get out of the 6th until HK caught a break on misplayed fly ball and a booted grounder to take a 5-4 lead that we never relinquished.
Good Sweep.

Hell Tidbits

John Sheppard resumed his role as team manager..... Angelo Gonzalez continues his stellar defensive play at 1B... Aaron Fernandez finally wore a hat during a game -- sideways of course, Aaron was also late - of course :)), Alfi Hernandez has the fast track at winning rookie of the year in the Big Apple league with his solid play at SS...... Edgar Jr is carrying the pitching staff, hopefully Andy will ease his burden and Meyers will return, Issac "Gubi" Delgado had to sit out the double header with a back injury, unfortunately he stayed at the game and told everyone how good he is all day long. Ricky is kuku ... As expected Mr Johnson umped the game and Ricky, Shepard and Angelo didn't argue or say a word to him. I gotta give him credit he did a good job, is better/smarter than Ump Mr. James, but is still

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