Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wasted Spirit

Yesterday I wrote a blog while I was angry and that was a mistake.

I was angry for a lot of reason - The Mets collapse, my job status, my condo, softball blah, blah.

There is no excuse. I was too harsh and I apologize.

What's done is done, as most lessons are learned the hard way so nothing to do now but move on and Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons You Shouldn't Blog when your mad

10. You say things you really mean, but they don't come out right and you look bad, even though your are 100% right. Sometimes you just got to take the higher road and stay quiet.
9. In the short term you feel better, but in the long term you feel worse .
8. Mad blogs SUCK!!!!!! Most non-mad blogs suck but blogs written when you are upset are generally worse.
7. There not funny. Blogging and softball should be fun, not angry and bitter.
6. Angry Softball Blogs are not witty and insightful. They are childish and goonish. Good writing Provokes Thought and Inspire People.
5. Mad blogs lead to fear, fear leads to anger, anger leads to pain, pain leads to suffering. Something Yoda said in Star Wars - nerdy but cool
4. Their Ugly!!!!!
3. They are bad for Citysoftball business
2. Angry Blogs are Wasted Spirit - nothing worse in life than wasted spirit

and the #1 Reasons You Shouldn't Blog when your mad

1.Angry blogs don't make you a better player. It doesn't help you hit, field, throw, score runs, or win games. That's why we play softball!!!!! All the other stuff is bullshit


  1. Where is your wife?

  2. Finally, normal Ric has resurfaced. I suggest you remove the blog.

  3. This is Dio...

    Rick don't remove the blog and no need to apologize. I typically do not respond to these things but since you are calling me out I must reply.

    There's nothing wrong with writing what you feel, it's all good. Everything that you wrote about me is true. I can't deny that.

    Everyone who knows me in softball knows what I'm about. I don't hide it and I don't hide behind "anonymous said" comments.

    What I will say is this..all of those who know me outside of softball know what I'm really about. I'm the guy you want in your corner when you need someone most.

    Softball is a game we all play to WIN no matter what it takes. That's our competitive nature. Let's keep it in perspective. Knowing someone for who they really are, that's real, that's life.

    Good Luck to all in Inwood.
    May the best slinger (who can get away) WIN.


  4. Dio....cut your shit are nobody's friend...half of inwood have played for you in the past and have nothing nice to say about you..your loyalty went to the wrong are a bum Dio, same as Rick....

  5. don't know which is more disturbing your blog or the way you run the bases.

    jeff m.

  6. BIG FAT BABY!!!!!!!