Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Void

One of the big reasons why that has been so successful has been
the existence of the VOID. is arguably the best fall softball season in all of NYC.
The field is nice.
There is spirit.
There is competition.
Hell there is good food and liquor.
But what really makes the league work is that it is a fall league and time is running out on the 2007 Softball season.
Mother nature in the Northeast is a bitch and she shuts down Softball sometime in middle-late November (unless you play in the fall Yorkville league - that's a blog for another day).

Soon there will be NO SOFTBALL and the VOID will begin.

Hell most summer weekday leagues are done and only a few big time summer leagues like RedHook and Central Park are still going (Championships).

This was the first week ( Monday through Friday) since April that I did not have a game.

I felt the softball VOID.

What do I do with myself?

Spend time with my wife?
Go back to the gym?
Span the web for porn?

All very cool things to do, but nothing like playing softball.

The Void.

As John Castillo told me last night "No Tengo nada para hacer" ( I have nothing to do).

The weather is still good, but no games ... yet until fall leagues begin

The VOID!!!!!!!!!!

builds fever and anticipation for your next game.
You treasure every game b/c it might be your last for 4 1/2 months.

Respect the VOID!!!!!!!!!!!

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