Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A New Tree Grows in Inwood?

Last year a soap Opera team I played on called Knockout won the CitySoftball Fall League Championship up in Inwood Hill Park.This year we disbanded.
West a four time Inwood champion also disbanded this year.
Times be a changing. Goes to show there is very little loyalty in softball.
So the best thing to do was to make a new team.
Top Ten Things I noticed about our new team in Inwood
10.John "Magneto" Sheppard is the manager!!! How did the leader of the Evil mutants become my boss? Actually he is the right man for the job. Fair. Intense. Experienced. Organized. Uses his cell phone to call players at game time. Collects Money. If you thought Billy Martin, Gabe Paul, Steinbrenner, and Reggie had issues in the Bronx is Burning wait until you 
see Sheppard, Blonde, and Castillo this fall. 9. I looked around and only knew 4 names of people in the starting lineup.
8. Where was the Captain John Castillo? Gilberto filled the captain shoes for the day by leading the team and recruiting new players. Too bad he showed up like 1 hour late. Actually, a stud player showing up late was the only reminder of the 2006 Knockout squad I had all day.
7. Our name is Tread Bike Shop. Eh..? Huh? What? weird

6. No Mama-Juana on the bench - Harrow would be sad . Kabessa did represent with nature and Coors light.
5. Half the team was wearing West jersey's - Angelo, Andy, Geo, El Fumao - Identity crisis
4. At least 4 players on our team do not have a green card and cannot speak or read a word of English. We had Hicks everywhere.
3. We actually collected money for umps. Amazing
2. Chris Gubi, Jose, Harro , Jack - Knockout legends where no where to be found
And the #1 Reasons When I realized we have a new team in Inwood
1. The Tianos had more Knockout players on their team than I did on mine.