Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Furio was Tony Sopranos leg breaking money collecting muscle on the Sopranos ( See picture ).

In Inwood I'm Blonde's version of Furio.

I go around collecting league fees from customers.

I can be frequently quoted as saying "I want my fucking $$$"

Over the years I have encountered many delinquent accounts.

Here is my list of people who might end up swimming with the Softball fishes.

Top Ten Worse/Slow League Fee payers in Inwood

10. Dio Jackson - Highlanders, Dio is actually a good payer and a cornerstone franchise in the league. He only makes this list b/c he once handed me a 3rd party check from the EMS softball league that I could not cash until November 18 - after the season. Horrible.
9. Hawksquad - when I ask them for money they look at me like I'm a urologist about to stick mu finger up their ass.
8. Bonao Stars - New team. Loco style. Constant double talk. Can't believe a word they say
7. Bobby the ump from Fat Freddy's league in the Bronx - never had a team but back in 01' we had a tournament and he stiffed us $250. We only recovered half and he has been banned from Inwood ever since.
6. Choco - Reds/Canons. When confronted with late dues told me that he knew the law.
"If he couldn't get evicted from his apartment for 90 days then I couldn't throw him out of the league for 90 days."
5. Eddy from the Dirty Dozen - so freaking cheap. Cheapest owner ever in the league. Collecting from him was like getting a root canal from the dentist without Novocaine.
4. Bruckner Bulldogs - paid me $100 in singles in week 7 one year only after they made the playoffs. Ghetto
3. Knockout - hey that was my team?!?!? Collecting league fees. shirt, and ump money from these knuckleheads was like asking a fine girl to pick me up, pay for dinner, pay for the club, pay for drinks, and then later on that night to swallow. Not going to happen
2. Marquel - Dominican Power - Horrible. Beyond loco style. Has made me wait longer than anyone else. To be fair he has improved lately. Does get league respect for showing up to complete a suspended playoff game even though he trailed by an 8-0 score in the 6th.

and by far the #1 Worse/Slow League Fee payers in Inwood

1. Mitch from Chaos - team thankfully now defunct. Had teh nerve to say that I expolit his team. You name it this guy has done it.
Bounced checks.
Said he would meet me and then stood me up.
Made me delay/stop games to make him pay.
Constant phone calls.
I had to take timeout of my life on Friday nights to meet up with him in local bars to collect.
The irony is that he is a collection agent in real life.
I'm so happy he no longer has ateam in the league


  1. Blondie & Rick, you guys are doing a great deed that goes unappreciated. It's a thankless job but many of us do it because we love the game. Unfortunately, in doing so we end up losing money.

    Have a great fall season!!!!

    Central Park Softball League

  2. Just a bit toooooooooo personal there Mr. Penis.....Chill with the naming and finger pointing. Remenber Big puszy from the Sopranos? ;)