Sunday, September 23, 2007

Where is the Captain?

Has anyone seen the guy in the middle?

He's Johnny Castillo? The Captain of Knockout.

One of the Greatest and most talented players in all of softball.

But he hasn't been seen in Inwood all season.

Their are many theories as to where he is, but no one really knows.

Here are some rumors floating around.

Top Ten Reasons as to why Castillo has not shown up in Inwood yet in 2007

10. Lives in Brooklyn and plays co-ed with his girlfriend Palma (see below) - Inwood is too far

9. Unhappy about the merger with West and that captain C wasn't put on his Jersey
8. Classic Castillo Holdout Strategy - They only miss me when I'm gone
7. Enrolled in Witness Protection Program after losing semi-finals in big apple league - Rosenfishy wants him wacked
6. Retired from softball and now is struggling young artist in Brooklyn painting a Dominican version of the Mona Lisa he hopes to sell to Malecon Restaurant
5. Enrolled in Sunday ESL classes - Beisbol has been berry berry good to me
4. Goes to pickup in Central Park instead so he can torture Jimmy Bitros and his misfit band of insane asylum locos
3. Work on the NFL sidelines as a spy for Bill Belichick and the Patriots.
2. Mad at Rick for making fun of him in 2 summer softball blogs

and the #1 Reason why Castillo has not shown up in Inwood yet in 2007

1. No reason necessary. Castillo is just Castillo. but no matter of you love or hate him Inwood is not the same without him.


  1. I cant believe a girl puts up with his shit. She must wear the baseball pants in the relationship. I bet she hits better.

  2. Rick stop jocking the dude. He's taken by someone else

  3. Ricky. You do make me laugh every time I read this stuff.
    The anwer to your ? is listed in your top 10.

  4. Win with him or without him!
    No one player is worth the headache!

  5. Rick, does your wife know that you & Castillo are involved???

  6. Rick.... the only way you get people to look at your bullshit is at the expense of castillo. leave the guy alone.... without him you where just an unknow scrub in the bench..