Friday, October 5, 2007

The Blog is Back: The Collapse

After tending to some serious off the field issues last week, I'm back and before I get back to softball I would be remiss if I didn't Top Ten about the collapse of my beloved NY Mutts, I mean Mets

Top Ten Reasons the Mets Collapsed

10. Who fucking cares!!!!! Mets shot their load 21 years ago when Buckner misplayed that grounder "BEHIND THE BAG!!!!!" I love them, but they are cursed.
9. The Pitching - obvious
8. Willie Randolph planted by the Evil Empire as a double agent. He's a target for goon Met fans to blame and for blind Yankee fans to defend. Truth is his pitching gave out and he was helpless and ran into bad luck, almost like Ricky on Gallagher's Except Gallagher's made the playoffs
7. Omar Minaya - a spic run the team? Next year demoted to bar back in the diamond club.
6. Give goon Yankee fans a pleasant diversion from there team getting possibly getting swept in the playoffs. Arod fantasy player playoff ghost
5. Met pitchers not allowed to sling after MLB umps read
4. Reyes slump began after Mets 5th meringue night - too much Tony Rosario will do that
3. David Wright throws like Rick
2. Even with absolutely no pitching Philly was better

and the #1 Reason the Mets Collapsed

1. Curse of the ETS continues - Mets and Jet fans are destined to suffer

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