Monday, September 24, 2007

Inwood Fall League Sexy and 17 POWER RANKINGS

My blogs usually end up with a Top Ten , but tonight I just got home from a pathetic Met 13-4 LOSS and I'm feeling like a want to write something extra to unleash some of the pain and cold loneliness that comes with your team slowly blowing away a big lead in their division.

There are 17 Teams in the Inwood Fall League this season so why not A Top 17 Power Ranking.

Inwood Top 17 Power Ranking

17. Legends - Great Guys but have gone multiple seasons without a win. Di dmake playoffs once.
16. Panthers - Dave and his crew are off to a slow start. What do you expect with Inwood legend Youseff on the disabled list. We miss you bro
15. Keenans - so far going to the bar is more fun than going to their games. But this is softball ans anything can happen and a win over Tread Bike shop this week might be what they need
14. Gator Club - great enthusiasm. Hey give these guys credit they are the first team consisting of players that live below 96th street to join our league
13. Bronx Tianos - at some point they have to play the Chelsea Tianos for exclusive naming and licensing privileges.
12. Cajita - Georgie's crew has potential now if they could only wake up on time for the 9am games.
11. Twins - lots of enthusiasm. Was that a Weechie sighting last week?
10. Tiainos - good young ball club with talent that will make noise in the playoffs, but didn't take enough players from 06' champ Knockout to contend quite yet
9. Tread Bike Shop? Who ae these guys? Is this West? Is this Knockout? They don't even know what to chant in the huddle. A lot of toys for John Albert to play with, but will he pick XBOX or will be pick Coleco vision from under the softball X-Mas Tree.
8. Dominican Power - a fucking disorganized mess and a headache. They can hit, and are very loose when the play. Big Upset of perennial Iwood powerhouse Highlanders gives them credibility.
7. Tigers - good team that just picked up ex-Knockout LCF Richie. Mega Hick Stud Roberto is dying to hit a homer on field 3.
6. Bizcocheros - came strong last week to split with the muscle bound Bonao Stars.
5. Bonao Stars - so far the class of the Dominican teams in the league. League will enforce HGH testing on half their roster though. Man these guys are big.
4. Hawksquad - gotta give these guys credit. They almost did not have a team b/c their ace pitcher was banned from the league. Instead of folding they regrouped and came out and flat out whipped Tread Bike Shop last week.
3. Phillies - Bronx Powerhouse got swept and upset by the Criminals last week
2. Highlanders - 5-1 and Dio Jackson hasn't even been there. Impressive. Speaking of Dio he doesn't read my Top Ten's anymore. Smart man.
1. Criminals - last year in the semi's, can the finals be a possibility in 07'? With roster bigger and tougher than the Iraqi army anything is possible!!!!


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