Sunday, September 16, 2007

An Unlikely Road to the Championship

They had to forfeit the last week of the regular season b/c they didn't have enough guys.

They were a 5 seed.

There record was only 14-12.

During the playoffs they had guys missing due to other championships.

During the playoffs they had guys leave during games to go to work.

They lost the 1st game in every series only to win the nest two.

They had heart, experience, and despite to go along with talent.

A true champion.

They beat a valiant Diesel squad in round one in game three in extra innings.

They dealt with the Rosenfishy 3PM start controversy by going out and beating John Brown not once, but twice, and sent the evil empire Choice Parts home for the playoffs.

Inexplicably they got shutout in 9 innings in game one of the championship against Contact starter Matty. A pitcher that had no business shutting them down.

In game two, down 6-1 late in game three against the Borg, I mean Contact, they did indeed show that Resistance is not Futile, and rallied to win. A George Colon homer off of Fishman is still going. They never quit.

In game three, West built a 4-0 lead and softball warrior Murphy gave up only one cheap run forced by a dirty hands up slide by Mike Trenk. Softball gods got back at goonish contact by having having a bad runners interference call go against them. Contact, a truly great champion and dynasty, finally had calls go against them and started playing poorly by make bad decision on the bases and throwing the ball around. All good things must come to an end. At least in 07' anyway.

First year in the league and West is already a legend.

Having lost many a close one to them in Inwood.
I already knew that.
It took a merger of two really strong teams in Inwood to finally upset them in 2005.

Congrats to Billy Martin clone manager of the year John "Magneto" Sheppard and their hard nosed talent & resilient crew.

Well done.

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