Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Malo Pa Fuera .. Best/Worst 2014 and Beyond

It's New Year's Eve. Be careful out there everyone as it's strictly amateur and newbie night.

New Year's Eve is a bittersweet night, one year older, a new year ahead. It is also a night filled with many traditions like:
  • Countdown
  • Time Square
  • Drinking
  • Partying
Three of my favorite B96 New Year's traditions are:

1. Eating 12 Grapes at midnight, one for each month ahead, for good luck

2. Spinning Suitcase - It's tradition to grab a suitcase and spin it around in all directions as a symbol for safe travel. - LOL - Very hickish but funny

3. Malo Pa Fuera (my favorite)- filling a pot of water and throwing it our door. It symbolizes throwing out the past year's bad luck and starting anew

So ghetto - so fun

 So for my final blog of the Year I would like to do a Malo Pa Fuera for Softball 2014

Top Ten Malo Pa Fuera for Softball 2014

9. Three Last Inning Championship Losses - Old School, Weintraub, and Old School Fall. "I've always said "losing hurts more than winning feels good". These always stay with you

8. Slumps and lack of Clutch Hits- Learn from it. Adjust. Overcome. Courage, Confidence

7. Big Apple League Shrinkage - Has to be corrected. Softball will not die on my watch.

4. Selfish People -I'm done with them. Team 1st only. Ironically, sometimes you have to selfish to put the team first. A mistake I've made for years.

3. Softball Drama - playing time, egos, inconvenience, head cases - Pa Fuera

2. Leaving the Rangers - it was mutually beneficial for both sides. Just something bad about how it all ended. Good people over there. Never got that Big Apple title for them.

and the #1 Malo Pa Fuera for Softball 2014

1, Unfairly Being Left Out - Sucks when you do well and left out b/c of politics or numbers game. I can understand loyalty, defense, or talent. But getting left out for "other reasons" is wack (see #4).

 SB Malo Pa Fuera!!!!!!!

Now while 2014 had its bad points I would be remiss and be an overall "Softball Debbie Downer" if I didn't mention many good people and moments as well like:

And of course wonderful people and teammates like:
  • Glenn R  - great guy
  • Eric Brown
  • Angelo Gonzalez - never thought he would make this list. I was wrong.
  • Entire Choice Parts -Miranda, Chino, Mickey P, Francis, Mickey P, Eric Z , Kip, Sandy Clay, everyone, etc - everything just clicked
  • Gil Jr - "Like Father Like Son" does not apply
  • Jimmy Myers - Thorwback. 
  • Old School Tuesdays - Richie, Andy, Kirk Albie and all the other crazies (including me)
  • Chris "Kennedy" and Bob - Charter Fabric
  • Entire Ronda's Grocery Team - Knuckle Lou was awesome. Thank you Dio and Blonde
  • Jose "Skywalker" Martinez - great future
  • Carlos Ramirez and Sito - just awesome A+ players
  • Guby - yeah I love Guby even though he's Guby
  • Jimmy, Joel. Jack, Paul many of the other locos
  • Roberto
  • Ralpha
  • My softball sons - Christian, Many, Oliver
Going forward I've set my goals (will keep that private) but over the years I've learned a few things in softball/life that I will; apply in softball 2015 and beyond:
  1. People - Be kind to the people on the way up. It's the same people you see on your way down. 
  2. Softball is about winning, playing, challenges  - If that ain't happening get out
  3. Like Ernie Banks famously said "You gotta be a man to play baseballbut you gotta have a lot of little boy in you. “ so important
  4. Follow the Love - good things will happen
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!