Friday, July 20, 2012

"Other Side" Reclamation Project Going Strong

Last year I took on a softball reclamation project in Jersey City and a year later I am proud to say that league is progressing nicely. Jersey City Accomplishments include:

  1. Competition - at least 6 championship contenders
  2. Strictly Modified
  3. Increased Membership - league has grown from 3 to 9 teams
  4. Talented Players Like Simon and Bo (left)  have joined, improving the quality of play
  5. Talented and Classy New teams
  6. Strong Friendships 
  7. Outstanding New fields like Lincoln Park West and Caven Point
We have had problems like:
  1. Over 20 rain outs
  2. Misinterpretation of rules
Oh yeah another problem we've had is that the teams are Camera Shy as no ever sends me pictures but I figured out that problem by Top Tenning ...

Top Ten Reasons No Managers in Jersey City ever send me any pictures

10. Ricky you do it. What are we paying you for anyway?
9. Take Pictures. What???? More shit to do. No way I can barely keep the book
8. Not photogenic during games. Tough to get my good side
7. Dude, I don't even read the rules
6. I'm too busy getting my pitcher and best players to show up
5. On the phone trying to get 10 guys to show up. Any guys with pulses.
4. Focus on the game
3. Too busy yelling at the umpires
2. I don't want any proof when I bring wringers to the playoffs that they never showed up.

and the number one reason No Managers in Jersey City Ever Give me any pictures

But overall it has been a success and going in the right direction. Their is good softball beyond New York. Real Good, you have options

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