Thursday, July 19, 2012

Team Analysis : LT - “Balance Point between Rage and Serenity.”

Team Analysis : Lawyertime

Last season LawyerTime was Dominant!!!. This year unfocused, mediocre, and apathetic for a better part of the season, as our record stands at 6-4.  The team got off to deceivingly good 3-1 start, but that record masked deep underlying problems like players lacking desire, effort, and dedication.That camouflage soon wore off as we forfeited against one of the worst teams in the league and then had only 4-5 players show up at game time versus a talented rival. We did field a team that day but got humiliated, stepped on, and beaten. I left the field that night angry and embarrassed in myself and my team.

They say losing doesn't build character, it reveals it. That's when our leader Lou "22" "Commish" Gonzalez passionately challenged himself

and our team to respond.

We have, but its not all the way there yet. Yet.

Lou has been masterful on the mound and made bold/controversial managerial decisions. I have seen renewed enthusiasm, pride, and effort from everyone. Unfortunately, the results have been mixed as :
  • the offense has been inconsistent
  • the defense improved
  • costly mistakes
  • the hustle re-energized
Nevertheless, since Lou's heart felt tirade the team is 3-1 with an overall record as stated above of 6-4.  Middle of the Pack. Mediocrity and apathy are two of the worst things in life and softball.

Going forward, this team feeds of Lou's play and energy level. But he cannot do it all by himself. I applaud him for taking ownership of the situation and my only suggestion for Lou, myself, and the rest of team is to find our strongest source of power, the “balance point between rage and serenity.” Baseball is unlike football, emotion is important, but it cannot be allowed to overwhelm you as you can easily lose control and try and do too much. Right now everyone is trying hard, which is to be commended, but I sense we are all trying to do a tad bit too much. The talent and desire is there but we can't force it. Little things have a way of turning into big things at crunch time, just do your thing guys. We will recover.

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  1. Shouldn't this team be re-named Need-A-Lawyer-Time? Maybe the team just got old. Maybe everyone just stinks. Rick was angry that day my friends -like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli!