Monday, July 16, 2012

Excuse Me Sir You Dropped Something

100 Percent Humidity
Both teams short players
Playoff Lives at Stake
12 Innings
Furious Comebacks
Brilliant Pitching
Plays at the plate
The Stands crowded with fans

and it all came down to "With a runner on 1st and two outs in the bottom of the 12th, a base hit went over the second baseman's head. The second baseman threw his glove at the ball". 

The official awarded a Triple. 
Game Over

"Not So " Dead Rabbits 7
Spit Fires 6

my god .... so fucking blog worthy

A semi-shocked, but upbeat Sit Fire manager Michael Peckins had the following to say

Needless to say the game in under protest. Seriously bizarre.



  1. Bad call. We should win this protest.

  2. It's amazing how few umpires in the park know rules.

  3. Q&A from Softball Expert regarding ASA rules:

    We were playing a game the other night (Men's League, Slow Pitch, ASA Rules) and a ball was hit sharply toward our shortstop. As the ball passed by, he threw his glove at it but missed it by several feet.

    Our rover caught the ball and threw out the runner who started on first base and was trying to get to second.

    After some discussion, the umpire decided to place the runner who was called out back on second base saying it was against the rules to throw your glove. Thus we had the batter on first and the base runner who was on first was awarded second base.

    Can you please tell me what the correct ruling on this play should be.


    In ASA it's not illegal to throw your glove at the ball (though it is bad form and a stupid thing to do)

    However it is illegal for a thrown glove to contact the ball.

    There should have been no penalty on this particular play since there was no contact. Someone should tell F6 that the penalty if he had contacted the ball is a 3 base award, that's why it's a stupid thing to do.

  4. The above is all correct.
    Spitfires Nation forever.

  5. ASA Softball Rules, state, No Penalty is given, if a glove is thrown or tossed at an unaltered batted ball. Play remains live ( short version ).

    * I reserve my opinion on the person who threw his glove at the batted ball for a future possibly reply.

  6. Message to Mr. Anonymous # 2....... I feel your pain, on how "how few Umpires know rules" Please do understand I feel the same pain cause I see how few players know how to play.