Monday, July 16, 2012

Gone Finishing

After posting a record number of comments on my last posting, the Insider went on a well deserved vacation where I got a chance to recover, regroup, and refocus. On my sabbatical I went fishing

one day to relax and ponder the meaning of life on the open sea

while we didn't catch much

it was nice to get away for a few days. While everyone knows that I am married to the game, for better or worse, I must admit it was nice to do another activity besides softball.

This diversification got me to thinking, at this stage of my life what other sport options are out there for me :

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Sports besides Softball available to me

10. Fishing
Pro - Serenity - ahhhh

Con: Serenity - no goons, no controversy, no drama. Need that adrenaline fix

9. Poker
Pro - Gives you competitive fix.
Con - I've been a sick degenerate once already no reason to go back as I can't afford it.

8. White Water Rafting
Pro - Fun, family time , and exercise

Con - Except for Astrid, I have too many up and down rocky relationships in my life right. Don't need another

8. Jogging
Pro and Con - covered in the classic Ghost Writer Blog years ago

7. Golf
Pro: Swing a bat, Swing a club. Plus you can do it alone and its an excuse to start drinking again
Con: No trash talk. No moving parts. Very frustrating game but come on golf? Really? better off retiring.

6. Bowling
Pro: You throw a ball.
Con: Bowling. Come one I ain't Homer Simpson or Fred Flinstone.

5. Swimming
Pro : Great Workout. Stroke the ball, use the swim stroke. Nice match.
Con: Same as Jogging. Too solo of a thing and more importantly how much can you blog about the butterfly stroke.

4. Volleyball
Pro: Probably the most athletic and sexy women athletes play beach volley ball

Con: Too fucking hard. Serious athletes who are not fucking around.

3. Dominoes

Pro: Very hicksih, mad trash talk,psychological warfare, and strategy
Negative: No exercise and I can't count from 0 to 6 anyway

2. Competitive Eating
Pro : Gross Fat Boy Heaven
Con: Gross Fat Boy Heaven

and the #1 Sports alternative besides Softball

1. None - Like I aid I'm married to the game for better or worse.


  1. Stick to softball , Mr. Hemingway , it's where you belong . Plus I ain't readin' no blog about "dominoes" , or swimming . Although , I wouldn't mind some more volleyball photos !

  2. You forgot tennis.

    Pros: Still hitting a ball (with different strokes, speeds and spin), great cardio workout, strategy, excitement/high-stakes, no one else to blame when you lose, only need one other player, cheap to play/plentiful courts, tough but not impossible to master like golf, can play year-round, females in short skirts.

    Cons: Only asians and white people to play with.

    Then again, forget it you're probably not athletic enough to play.

  3. Basketball, Rick. Always game on somewhere and no blood/no foul is gone. All crybabies'll love it. Bring a gun.

  4. There is absolutely no cons regarding volleyball. I am so much more passionate about volleyball then softball. Whether it is hard court 6's or 2's on the beach, it is a great workout! How do you think this 47 year old stays in excellent shape?