Monday, July 16, 2012

You Can Hate Me Now... Breaking News

Polarizing Softball figure Dio Jackson

 released the following statement

" Dio Jackson resign as organizer/manager of Softball Operations at the end of this season. The time has come for me to ffocus on my family and new home. Time doesn't allow for me to give 100% to softball. With that being said I will participate in softball activities but I will no longer be the organizer nor will I manage the team going forward. I will finish off this season and walk away with no regrets. Thank you. I hope to be remembered for his loyalty and respect for the game. Understanding that he was only as good as his team.
 So long Mr. Action Jackson! U will be missed I'd rather just be a forfeit avoider and help, like my role with West NY "

Insider Analysis:

Much like polarizing/controversial sports fires like Ozzie Guillen and George Steinbrenner, on the field Dio is the type that you love to hate. Their is a thin line between love and hate and Dio definitely walks that path. Like the NAS-Puffy song

you can hate Dio now, but deep down you know that no matters where he lives you can't take the game out of him. His love for the game will never stop and he will be back. He lives for this shit.


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