Monday, August 10, 2009

What the Hell?

No arguments? No ejections? No drama? What the Hell is going on with Hell's Kitchen "HK" softball?
Who the HELL are these guys???
Maybe the good karma of the Saturday league rolled over into Sunday as HK put forth an efficient business like effort to defeat a struggling Skins ball club and improve to 12-8 overall. Whatever the case, it sets up an exciting last week of the Big Apple regular season as many playoff scenarios are yet to be decided. Stay Tuned


Marty Colon is on fire ... Ed "Chino" Cancel remains a base hit machine.... Gubi wore his Westanders shirt two days in a row without washing it - disgusting....Ricky wore his baseball pants two days in a row - disgusting II .... 2008 Big Apple Rookie of the year Aldo Lopez is ambidextrous hits and throws from both sides .... George Colon got an at bat appearance and had to go ....Hector Hernandez pitched two scoreless innings in relief and was offered a pitching contract with Knockout .... Ryan Bentley new nickname is the Flash .... Ricky's Indian nickname of RIP - man who Runs In Place was in effect when he got thrown out by 65 feet trying to stretch a singe into a double .... ex HK player and team sponsor Wolfie Enriquez visited the team but did not rejoin ... August is the most exciting month in softball as every game means something


  1. Whose gonna win the Big Division? Playoff predictions?

  2. Parts wins chip. HK or WC finals opponent. Sleeper pick Empire loses tough semifinal to either HK or WC.

  3. Never count out Contact Hitters.