Sunday, August 23, 2009


ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!!!!!!! as Hells Kitchen "HK" advances to the Big Apple Semi-Finals for a 3rd consecutive season.
The two clean victories over Empire are almost an after thought as the fighting, cursing, arguing, rowdiness, and the overall intense goon behavior again gains center stage attention. Even the most hardcore Yankee fan has to agree this team resembles the bad boy 1986 Mets
with all the shenanigans that go on. Thank god we win otherwise we might get arrested.
Our players were wild fighting each other, the umpires, and our opponent while our beloved manager John "Championship Manager" Sheppard resembled Will Ferrell in Old School as he was completely out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have earned the worst reputation in the league.
It's embarrassing.....It's annoying......It's unacceptable.
But we have persevered and are never boring!!!!
We are so close to the finals that I really don't give a Fuck.
Saphire next week
Hell Tidbits
Very good team contributes all day up and down the lineup.... Empire is a talented team that should only be better next year ... Edgar Jr and Jimmy Meyers were very solid all day ... George Colon is on Fire ....Jimmy Meyers made an amazing play on the last play of game 2 as he deflected a line drive hit at him on the mound that went straight up in the air and he caught before the ball hit the ground ... Hector is a difference maker ... John Sheppard left in the middle of game 2 and the remainder of the game was managed by committee of Ricky/Tommy/Edgar ... These guys love to win and don't hold grudges ... Saphire swept the Bombers to advance to the semi's ... Saphire swept HK during the regular season ..... Saphire is hungry ... Next week series will be tight


  1. Your team does not deserve to win

  2. Love you Ric but as the great Michael Corleone told his bro Fredo: "don't ever take sides with anyone against the Family again. Ever."


  3. Watch out Rick. You exposed someone's real colors and they are mad.

  4. They are also a Spider

  5. Why dont we deserve to win????

    If someone had a video camera and tape recorder near Empires dugout and watched a few of their players, they would hear them making very personal attacks and racial and provoking remarks towards HK team.

    We argue with UMPS but it escalates because the other team gets involved and starts to scream "just play ball"
    1st off-shut the fuk up and let the umpire take control and make us play ball, which he has control to do. So if the Ump feels like enough is enough then he should tell us to "PLAY BALL" No need for your team to tell us. That just gets us to reply to you and then it goes back and forth. So if YOU "Just played ball" then the arguing might be over but by you adding your 2 cents makes it go on and on.
    You keep making your whimpy comments that "HK always argues and cries" Well there is a reason, like the 1st play of game when we had to BEG the 1st base ump to ask for help and get the CALL right!!!
    It took awhile and while that was happening you made your little comments but the other UMP finally made the right call of SAFE!!!!!
    So if we just accepted the call and didnt speak up ,we wouldnt have got the SAFE call and that would have hurt us. So THE CORRECT CALL WAS MADE!!!! Its playoff time and thats what both teams WANT!! the CORRECT call. If both UMPS agreed to ask for help when manager asks them, it would make game alot better.
    I respect Umps that hustle and also are easy to talk to you when you ask them for help, instead of being confrontational and wont even talk to you.

    We play to WIN and we play FAIR but we will play HARD and play for every litte THING!!!

    Simple lesson about us: If you want to OPEN your mouth and talk trash be ready for it back,simple as that!!!!

  6. Last post is full of shit. HK is only trouble makers. When every single games has arguments and ain't the other team, it ain't the weather, it ain't the umpires, it ain't the fans, it ain't the field, it's YOU!!!!!!

  7. Why does not put their names 2 anything. If you're gonna talk shit, then be a man and put your name to your words!

  8. John, you must still be drunk.
    I don't think anyone can understand what you just wrote.
    Take me drunk i'm home. Lay off the alcohol.

  9. John had a bad day. I'm sure he regrets it. Sometimes life's pressures boil over on to the field.

  10. Trouble makers!!!!????

    If someone talks shit to you and laughs at you, what would you do?

    Bend over and take some more?
    NOT US!!!

    Empire reminds me of the school bully that only throws a punch or starts to talk shit when HE sees the teacher coming from a distance. Knows he will get the first punch in and the teacher will break it up before it gets out of hand.

    I thought i was in the Broadway Show league on Thursday with the way the Catcher FLOPPED. He must have a SAG card.


    We are more like TROUBLE ENDERS!!

  11. I hope trouble ends your season this week