Monday, August 24, 2009

Little Bit of Luck

Skill, confidence, and proper execution of plays decides most games, but there is an element of a little Bit of Luck

that factors into games.

Top Ten Plays where Luck factors into the game

10. Line Drive Out vs Bloop Hit - Different sides of the same coin ... both involve bad and good luck.
9. Bad Call in the field - even good umps make mistakes. Sometimes it makes you sometimes it breaks you.
8. Strike Zone - You say tomato I say tomatoes. One man's strike is another man's ball. It's all arbitrary.
7. Rain out - Ever hear the expression pray for rain? Maybe you were short guys and rained helped you or vice versa. The Softball gods work in mysterious ways
6. Bad Bounce - Field conditions cam make a routine play a game changing adventure at anytime. I've seen bad bounces on immaculate fields like the Great Lawn. It happens
5. Fluke Play - Blown Run down play, outfielders collide, line drive hits one fielder and rebounds directly to another for a double play, 2 guys tagged out at home on 1 throw.
4. Lucky Seeding - I've seen 8 seeds upset by 1 seeds and 4 seeds play terrible 5 seeds.
3. Guys Show Up Factor - A stacked team might be missing a pitcher or players go on vacation that changes the dynamic of their roster. It's all luck
2. Karma - did you sneak a player on your roster, diss a loyal player, get gully on an umpire, talk shit, pick on a scrub, start trouble? .. if so that's all bad Karma and pay back is just around the corner.

and the Number One Play were Luck comes into play

1. Effort - good things happen when you hustle, run everything out, support your teammates, and never quit. Little things like that add up and pay off. It's a very humbling game and you make your own luck.

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