Friday, August 21, 2009

U know your league is Ghetto when

Top Ten Reasons You Know the Softball League You Play in is Ghetto

10. Every batter starts the game with a 1-1 Count. It's all about rushing the game so you can get more games in and make Mo' Money ... Mo' Money ....Mo' Money
9. The Ump yells "Keep it Fair or next foul and your out" - a foul ball limit is ghetto and you know the ump wants you to make an out so he can get his money faster.
8. Pollution on and around the field
145th street is the dirtiest softball environment as rats are everywhere. Surprisingly, the Great Lawn has been disgusting on the weekends this year which is proof that people who live below 96th street litter as well.

7. Your game starts after 8:30PM. No game should start after 8:30 unless it's game two of a double header that began at 7pm or earlier. EMS starts double headers at 8:45 and Yorkville starts games at 9PM frpm April - November. This is abusive and flat out ghetto.

6. Chelo is your groundskeeper
You don't get any more above 96th street ghetto than Chelo

5. Players ask "What's the Pot" and Commissioners either changes or won't talk about the prize money. Everyday I'm hustlin' hustlin' hustlin'

4. Mercy Rule is 10 runs after 4. The Mercy rule has always been 5 innings, the 4 inning hustle was put in finish the game early so the umps can get paid. I laugh when umps complain that the Mercy rule should be 4 innings. Hurry Hurry Hurry is a common ghetto softball theme. What are we rushing for? Do we have to get back to the lab to save humanity? Ghetto

3. Teams share equipment - catcher's mask (nasty), bases, bats, gloves, score books page are ripped out of the book and shared (funny). So ghetto.

2. Players play with their jock strap outside (on top) of their pants/shorts .. disturbing and obviously a cry for attention

and the Number One You Know the Softball League You Play in is ghetto

1. There are more fans standing near the field drinking than players on the field playing

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