Monday, August 17, 2009

The Hell With it

Yesterday Hell Kitchen "HK" swept Brother Jimmy's to capture 1st place in their division and earn the 2nd overall seed in the Big Apple League.

Nice job but needless to say to Hell with the regular season as everyone knows it's the post season that really counts. As Gil always tell me it reveals "la Verdad" .. the Truth. Throw out the seeding numbers attached to each team as next Sunday everyone is all even and HK has a 1st round match up with an incredibly talented Empire ball club. This series will be intense, a grind, and a sure fire barn burner.

Other Great Big Apple 1st round match ups include:

Brother Jimmy's vs Choice Parts - Brother Jimmy has a lot of heart and pride and the Parts have been primed to defend all season.

Saphire vs. Bombers - Saphire, the 2009 version of the Tampa Bay Rays of the Big Apple league, have youth, speed, defense, heart, line drive hitting, and are very hungry. If you haven't accepted it by now well face reality they are for REAL!!!!!!!!The Bombers standout starting pitching always makes them a force to be reckoned with so this series has the makings of a good one.

Working Class vs. Contact - any series with Fran on the mound is bound to be exciting, intense, and entertaining. Contact has been lying in the weeds all season and will come stacked and prepared for the playoffs. This will be a classic.

and this is only round one...


  1. Predictions?

    Parts in 2
    HK in 2
    Bombers in 3
    Working Class in 3

  2. Sound about right.

  3. Parts in 2
    Contact in 2
    HK in 3
    Saphire in 3

  4. Who wins it all???

  5. Who else? Parts!

  6. The quest starts now!!!