Wednesday, August 12, 2009 - Happy Anniversary

The 2009 Fall Softball Season begins September 13th.
For information contact me or Juan Moreiras at “rickysoftball2 (AT)” and "jm212nyc (AT)" , respectively.
This years mark our Tenth Year Anniversary!!!!!!!

How the hell did that happen?
Top Ten Reasons has lasted 10 years

10. Pure Luck
Not a "Little Bit of Luck"

But Pure luck.
9. A96 Factor - we are above 96th street,so we're in the hood where anything goes.
8. Employees groundskeeper Chelo and head ump Looch They may not be perfect, but they are reliable.
7. Loyal teams - West, Highlanders, Chaos, Sidewinders, Hawksquad, Bizcocheros.
Loyal customers. You are appreciated.
6. Our team rarely wins the league so we never get accused of cheating. being losers gives us credibility
5. The Pastelito/Lemonade/Beer Concession stand - some people say it's better than Shake Shack at Citifield
4. Stud Players
3. Tight competition2. We can laugh at ourselves and have fun

and the Number One Reasons has lasted 10 years

1. Niche Factor - it's the fall, and a lot of other leagues have wrapped things up and there is nothing else left for people to do but stay home and watch football. So we've created a nice little boutique softball niche. A lot of other leagues have tried to copy us but that's OK, as imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but we do things fairly and right.

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