Saturday, August 8, 2009

WestLanders Vs Cardinals Semi-Final PlayoffSS!!!!!!!!!!

In probably the best playoff series in history the Westlanders "WL" defeated the 2008 Champions Cardinals two games to one on a long Saturday afternoon.
In game one, Cardinal ace Gilberto Gonzalez barely out dueled "WL" Ace Franny Donovan to earn a tight 1-0 victory and build a one game to none series lead.
Down one game, "WL" had it's work cut-out for them but to their credit they came prepared for hard work.
In game two, "WL" starter Edgar Jr was staked to an early 5-2 lead and he made it stand up for an 8-6 victory. Setting the stage for a wild wild wild I mean wild game 3.
Game 3 had it all. A packed house, intense play, plays at the plate, and extra innings
and of course Argumentsand more arguments
In the end, "WL" scored three runs in to the top of the ninth and advanced to the finals
where they will meet the very talented Violators next Saturday led by flamethrower Franklin
But that's next week.
After the game, the fans and "WL" players celebrated their hard earned victory together
Series Notes:
The Cardinals should be commended as an excellent ball club ..... so called Head Ump James Flowers must have said the dumbest thing I have ever heard in the top of the 9th in game 3 when he said "It's past the 8th inning now, so we will start with a runner on 2nd base", Both team became silent with shock when they heard him say this moronic remark. I don't care what the damn regular season rule is you can't decide the playoffs like that. Another example of an idiot ump trying to rush a game..... .... The umpiring has disgraceful this series and the bases ridiculously far as 2nd base was practically in the OF ...... Commissioner Steve "Wizard " Jimenez

had a long day as before the start of the series he was questioned on the field regarding league prizes ..... Alan hit extremely well all day for WL ... George Colon played an outstanding RF for WL ..... speaking of OF play the Cardinals dynamic OF duo of Elvis and Dusty shut down opponents running game with their throwing ability ...... Tommy Colon hit the ball in hard luck all day ... Cardinal 2B Freddy Hernandez is a winner........ Great series!!!!!!!


  1. The series between the Westlanders and Cardinals we certainly one of the best playoff games we have ever scene and one that will be remembered for a very long time. Both teams should be commended for their outstanding level of play.

    James did a phenomenal job calling game one and not having his calls influenced. Olympic rules do apply in the playoffs however in the spirit of the game they were ignored as per the commissioner.

    Best of luck to the Westlanders and Violators in the Championship.

  2. Any win by the wastebraggers is a shame! and shame on the cardinals for loosing those bums. Johnny C.

  3. you couldnt have put it any better rick. good luck in the chip.

  4. Nevermind the stupid game, get me the number of the girl in the red dress!

  5. I will return to help lead the Cardinals next year to another Title and Avenge this tough loss.
    Congrats to The WestLanders lots of Good Guys on that team. They play hard and deserve what they have earned. Good Luck in the show.