Wednesday, July 1, 2009

800 Pound Gorrilla

They say well there is an 800 pound Gorilla on the Softball Diamond that I'm not ignoring. Their name is Choice Parts and they are currently a perfect 14-0 in the Central Park Big Apple League
Let me repeat that 14-0!!!!! That's the softball equivalent of the New England Patriot 18-0 mark back in 2007.

While the Big Apple League is not the NFL it is still very competitive and the NFL mantra of any given Sunday most certainly applies. As defending champions they are not sneaking up on anyone but they have changed.

Yes I know they still have dominant non-modified John Brown throwing for them, but in the past there was a perception that they relied on JB to carry them, but that is no longer the case. Not by a long shot.

They are fast......They are balanced offensively and defensively...... They are smart..... They are prepared...... They in no way rest on their past laurels. Don't get me wrong they are beatable and they know it and that's what makes them even better because they take nothing for granted and play hard on every single goddamn pitch.

Lou "22" Gonzalez once told a team we played on together that winning one championship was like being a one hit wonder like Milli Vanilla and that true greatest was putting together multiple titles. That's how they play .... Hungry

I once called them the Evil Empire

but I no longer feel that way. They are an 800 pound gorilla coming right at you

This is their excellent roster

1 Eric Zabarkus
2 Artie Klausner
3 Jason Duko
4 Paulo (Petie) Napoleoni
5 Kenny Walsh
6 John Brown
7 Kip Demogenes
8 Clay Chalem
9 Mike Peckins
10 Vic Boccarossa
11 Jack Steiman
12 Lou Gonzalez
13 Lorenzo Gracia
14 Paul Maniscalco
15 Steve Moschell
16 Eddie Brown
17 Mike Culoso
18 Doc
19 John Rosenmiller
don't ignore them


  1. I want them to go 26-0 so we can beat them in playoffs when it counts more!!!!!Then they really will be like NE PAtriots, haha

    It will feel better to us and it will hurt them more emotionally.

  2. Good luck even getting to the finals.
    What team did you say you played for???
    I didn't think so.

  3. We appreciate that Ricky noticed we are not just a JB team. Many people ignore that we have become well rounded in many areas and are finally having some success. That said, some of you remember that we lost in the finals to Contact HItters for something like 9 of 10 years. They were a true dynasty and a team that accepted nothing short of winning. We are far short of that achievement and have nothing but respect for the titles that Pat, Raf, Dave, Lee, Danny and others won year after year. Lou is right; winning one title and going undefeated so far this year is nice but means nothing. We have no illusions. Getting to the finals will be tough enough, let alone winning. Half of the teams in the BASL are capable of winning it all and will be gunning for us. All we can do is play our best and hope that, if we don't go all the way, it's because another team outplayed us and we didn't give it away.

  4. I won Chip with 3 different teams in this league already, so that says alot about me. So im not really worried about getting to finals because ive been there and won it. I was just making a comment about how much it would hurt CP(your team) if you guys go 26-0 and then lose and how much better it would feel to win it and be a .500 club. No disrespect to CP ,great guys and team, i just like being underdawgs!! Feels better to beat top dawg. If i play on a team that supposed to win all the time, what fun is that?
    I dont mean i want to play on a scrub team that has no chance,haha.

  5. Hi Mike. :)

    If West wasnt in league, i would have played for CP or Contact if they wanted me, probably CP because Contact is usually full of players. John Rosenmiller also asked me 1st. I grew up with West players and played years with them.

    I miss playing with Peckins and Eric-also Jack,Kip,Vic,Clay and Artie and Paulo, so many players i like playing with!! Who wouldnt want to play with JB-softball life would be so easy! :)

    You know its going to feel good beating a good team, thats what makes me hungry!

  6. Ricky people are watching you.