Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SB Independence Day No Mas

The July 4th Lob Ball Tournament at Hecksher has been cancelled!!!!! There will be no softball independence on July 4th!! It kind of reminds me of the movie Independence Day
Being the geek that I am back in 1996 I was really excited about the flick and really looking forward to it, but when I went to see it I left slightly disappointed. That's how I feel about this tournament. Disappointed. How could I not be as weeks ago I helped promote this event on this very site http://softballinsider.blogspot.com/2009/05/born-on-4th-of-july-tournament-news.html. I made call after call and asked player after player to play with Knockout in the tourney. We were committed and ready to go.

For weeks and especially the last several days the organizers of this now defunct event, Maja Sports llc, the people who run http://www.centralparksoftball.com, reassured me that "8 teams were confirmed for the tournament". Today the event was cancelled and the founder of Maja sports Steve "The Wizard" Jimenez suggested we play pick up games instead.

Very Wack
and Inconsiderate!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong throwing these events, especially in the summer on a major holiday, is very difficult. However, Maja has now lost softball street credibility for misleading us. I'll forgive you guys and give you a mulligan, but next time get your act together, be more honest/realistic, and stop wasting peoples time. Learn from your mistakes.


  1. I was ready to play... wack.

  2. Steve is an inconsiderate moron.

  3. Steve and Rick both suck balls.

  4. Sorry, whomever feels that I am an inconsiderate moron but the parties at fault are all the grown men who said they were in but the moment it came time to collect, you heard all the excuses in the world from grown men.

    Wishing all the best to all on this 4th of July weekend.