Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy ReCap : 2009 Robert Trillo Charity Game

Forget the Olympics.
Forget the Super Bowl.
Forget the World Series.
They all pale in comparison to the annual Robert Trillo Charity Softball Game.
This year the elite athletes were pumped
Forget the good cause and memories this was hardcore competition as the Snow White team led by fishing hat manager Juan "Blonde" Moreiras was stacked
and ready to show off their POWER
which left the Softball Insider worried and scrambling to sign talent like his former chain smoking softball idol from the 90's Tommy Higgleson
With Tommy in the fold
the Big Red Machine (more like the little red wagon) was ready for action.
and the fans went wild
these elite athletes
gave it their all.
The team tried to go yard
but after losing game one settled for two back to back dramatic comeback victories
to win the good hearted series.
The Big Red Machine couldn't have done it without special between game coaching from Mrs. Top Ten
who made a rare softball appearance.
After the game was the After Party
Where Knockout Legend Aaron "Haroooooo" Fernandez enjoyed quality family time
More importantly, this was our greatest turnout ever. Juan and I would like to thank everyone as we raised over $3,000 to donate in name of Robert Trillo to his ( and mine and Freddy Martinez, and future supreme court justice Sotomayor's) alma matta Cardinal Spellman.
Please view complete pictures from this event at
again thank you and always remember it's more than just a game

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