Tuesday, July 7, 2009

100 Mile Man Foundation b/c its more than just a game

The email below is from avid NYC softball player Kenny Walsh whose sister is dealing with serious issues.

Please read and help if possible.

Thank you

Dear Friends,
On Saturday, September 12, 2009, I am planning to join ninety-nine cyclists to complete a “century”, as it’s known in the cycling world, a 100 mile ride from New York City to Southampton, “City to Sand”. The 100 Mile Man Foundation is an organization that provides inner-city children the opportunity to go to college. The Foundation has teamed up with the Fund for Public Schools in an effort to provide 100 students with four full years of college tuition, a total of $10,000. I have decided to do this ride for two reasons. For one, I am a parent of two public school children and would like to be able to give other children in our community the same opportunities that I have for my own children: a secure future which can only be accomplished with a solid education. My second reason is more personal. I am joining the foundation on behalf of my sister, Monica. As many of you know, the physical and emotional challenges she faces after her stroke and removal of a brain tumor are huge. The financial and emotional demands that come with home care and rehabilitation are difficult. As you all know, Monica is a superb athlete and if she were able, she’d be riding right next to me (maybe next year!!). In conjunction with the 100 Mile Man Foundation, we’ve established the Friends of Monica Fund with the purpose of contributing to Monica’s home health care costs. We all face difficult challenges, however, together, we can help Monica, Kevin, and their children with this burden. The 100 Mile Man Foundation has generously offered to take a portion of the proceeds that I raise and donate them to the Friends of Monica Fund. Any contribution you can make on Monica’s behalf is greatly appreciated. We can all be role models for children. I am partaking in this challenge to teach my children about family, responsibility and charity. Please join me. Donations can be made online at: http://www.active.com/donate/the100mileman/kennywalsh
The website is secure, fast and easy to use.

The 100 Mile Man Foundation is a 501 C3 Charitable organization.

You can also donate via check to: THE 100 MILE MAN FOUNDATION230 Park Avenue, Suite 850New York, NY 10169 (Be sure to put Monica Walsh Watson in the memo line at the left hand bottom of your check).

With extreme gratitude, Kenny “G.” Walsh“Gold Rider”

b/c it's more than just a game

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