Sunday, July 26, 2009


You know you write way too many blogs when people in the park tell you what to title your next blog. Today's title was easy ... Trap

On paper 9-7 Hk was playing 7-11 Diesel. HK was coming off a big victory over undefeated Choice Parts and Diesel was on a losing streak. To compound matters Diesel was without Alex Goldman, Juan Parra (quit) , and only had one pitcher Jimmy Bitros.

On paper it looked like a sure win.
Yeah Right. Not even close.
Diesel beat our ass ALL DAY LONG. Quite frankly we were fortunate to get out of dodge with one victory. Classy Big Apple veteran Jimmy Bitros

shut us completely down ALL DAY LONG.
He never panicked.
Never quit.
All he did was throw strikes and win.

In game one, Diesel capitalized on a their opportunities to cruise to a easy 7-3 victory behind the resurgent Jimmy Bitros and in game two, Diesel took us to the brink of getting swept before we scored 7 in the top of the ninth to survive the split.

Hell Tidbits

They say “We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell” this so true when it comes to HK as in game 1 the unprofessional umpires called a forfeit on HK's for arguing and terrible behavior. We have met the enemy and it is us. This has become a weekly occurrence and is embarrassing and pathetic ... Despite playing shorthanded Diesel never quit, played hard, and played well - HK should learn .... Game 2's victory has dedicated to Jimmy Meyers ..... Brothers Tommy and Martin Colon hit clutch sacrifice flies in game two to seal the W .... Ricky managed Game 2 b/c John Sheppard couldn't take it anymore. Afterward Ricky retired with a 1-0 record as HK manager thank god ... Ricky made a nice catch in game 1 where everyone said he slide was unnecessary .... HK continues to make base running blunders week after week ... Edgar Jr continues an amazing renaissance season by throwing a gem in game two ... Angelo broke out of a tough slump with a couple of hits in game two including the 9th inning rally starter ... Ed "Chino" Cancel had 6 hits and pretty much carried us offensively ... Ryan and Gubi looked terrible in the OF in game 1, Meyers was hurt by bad luck in game one ... Unfortunately sponsor Wolfie Enqriquez quit Sunday


  1. Wolfie a quitter, you don't say.

  2. Perfect team for rick..

  3. Every team Rick plays for always has problems. Hey Rick, not only are you a scrubb, but you're a fucking jinks.

  4. the correct spelling is JINX.

  5. Maybe Rick isn't perfect but who is. Give the guy a break.

  6. The real poll question should ask how is HK 10-8!

  7. YAY GATOR!!!!!!!!