Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mr. Perfect!!!!!!

No this blog isn't about old school Wrestling legend Curt Hennig
It's about former old school manager Mickey Peckins
Mickey has earned the reputation as a softball winner, quality player, and top notch defender. Over the last couple of years Mickey has been working very hard on developing his modified pitching skills. He has paid his dues and taken his lumps, but all that determination and effort has paid off big time this week. Sunday he answered the emergency pitching phone call against HK throwing 4 solid innings, but that's nothing compared to yesterday achievement of PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When you think of Perfect games you think of legends like David Well'sor David Conebut the beauty of baseball is the element of the unknown, as people like Kenny Rogers

have thrown perfect games out of nowhere.

Yesterday, Mike's Monday afternoon league was playing a makeup 5 inning game and Mike faced and retired the minimum. SBI's sources said that a diving catch in RC in the 5th helped seal the perfect outing and transformed an obscure Monday summer game into a special memory.

Mike would be the first to tell you he didn't exactly face the 1927 Yankees murders row, but achieving pitching perfection, especially for a relatively new hurler, is still a worthy accomplishment worth recognition.

Congrats Mike and continued success except against HK of course :)))


  1. He's a superb teammate, one that makes you want to live up to his high standards. Whether he's pitching or playing the field, you really do want to be on the top of your game around him.

    Of course most of us don't have the skills he possesses, but even if we did, applying them as Mike does makes all the difference.

    Congratulations to him on the 5-inn perfecto.

  2. Mike is not only a great player and competitor but one of the nicest guys in the league. There are players with MUCH less talent then Mike and his good friend Eric Z that strut around like they are hot stuff. It's nice to see individuals like Mike and Eric who have their priorities straight.

    Jim Bitros

  3. It was all about the defense. Thanks RJK.
    MP #2

  4. The catch was made by Jon Libman. Great catch.

  5. Thats my boy! I taught him everything i know!! :)
    Congrats Mike!!!!!
    I always told him pitching can be alot of fun and now it pays off BIG TIME.

    I wasnt there but someone said that John Liberman made a nice catch to save perfect game. Im not suprised because he is great fielder and is always willing to give 110%. He developed over the years.

    OLD SCHOOL RULES!!!!!! We are all over the place!!!! :)

    Jimmy Meyers

  6. Good going Mike size doesent mean a thing in softball. Just beat old school and i´ll make sure you get your spot in softball heven..Johnny Castillo.

  7. Yo JC, WZUP. How are things?