Thursday, June 4, 2009

Softball GoundHogs Day .... the Sequel 27-24

There must be some voodoo going on at grand street, b/c the late games I get to ump are insane.

It had been a slow softball week with a couple of days off and all the rain but then .....

Not again.



Two weeks ago it was 29-24 , last night it was 27-24.

Due to the heavy rains the last few days the dirt portion of the Grand Street fields were water damaged, and, as a result, after obtaining the consent of both teams, I changed the dimensions of the field to make the game playable. The only dirt cut out not damaged was 3rd base so that's were I set up home plate. Unfortunately, this made the right center field fence New Yankee Stadium close
I suggested that a ball hit over the RCF fence be an out, but both teams wanted it to count as a home run and that's were the run scoring fun began.

As the Agent of Chaos the Joker would say
"And Here we Go" and soon Chaos erupted!! .. again
The winning team a squad called Awesome (they were far from awesome) hit four grand slams on the night (yes you read that right 4 GS!!!!), three of which were lazy fly balls over the drawn in RCF fence.
Yankee Stadium style.
Final Score 27-24.

Softball gods why have you forsaken me????????

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