Friday, June 19, 2009

SB Big Poppa's Day!!!!!!!!

Sunday is Father's Day and I want to give a big shout out to all Big Poppa's out there.
Softball dad's come in many shapes in forms.
You have your classic father and son baseball lovers like Dio and Brandon

and you have your unique Dad's like Blonde and his twinsbut the bottom line is family and Father's Day is the one day a year that daddy gets to to do whatever he wants. Softball dads are easy to shop for so .....

Top Ten Things to get a Softball dad on Father's Day

10. Your Time - phone call, dinner, hang out, whatever it takes

9. New SB apparel - cleats, bats, gloves are all welcome

8. Non Softball Entertainment

uhhh sorry about that this is a family blog, but you understand

7. Liquor - Smokey????

6. Food - Barbecue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. A card - Hallmark needs to make their money

4. Money - easier than a thoughtful gift and more ghetto than a gift certificate - dad can be bribed

3. Quiet Time - Just leave dad alone

2. Respect

and the number one thing to get a Softball dad on Father's day

1. Softball of course - At Bats, Innings pitched, just let the man play ball


  1. My Dad has been coming to early-morning Westies games since I joined the team in '04.

    Back when he was younger (than we are now!) my Dad was a really good pitcher: A lefty, never threw too hard, but always threw strikes, and everything had a wicked hook or drop to it.

    Charles found out that my Dad pitched, and said that if John R ever couldn't make it, perhaps my Dad might throw an inning or two.

    Inevitably--after he brought his spikes and glove to a few games without pitching--the time came for him to get in the game. I was worried. Would my Dad have...anything...left, at age 62? Would he embarrass himself?

    He took a shutout into the bottom of the 7th, when the other team got a man on third with two outs, and their hitter hit a clean single through the hole between third and me at short. I never wanted to make a play more in my life, but it was clean...end of shutout. He settled for a 7-1 win.

    It was a rare privilege to play on the same team as my Dad...who gave me the love of the game in the first place...

  2. Nice.
    Happy Fathers Day to all dads.