Thursday, June 21, 2007


I've written numerous blog about illegal sling pitching and how it changes the whole dynamic of the game.

But what about the opposite end of the spectrum - Lob pitching?

Lob pitching is when the pitcher slowing tosses the ball over the plate.

It ironic that a lot of guys can't hit lob. It should be as easy as cake , like whistling dixxy.

But it's not?

Top Ten Reasons Why Hitting Lob pitching is Harder than it looks

10. Overconfidence - it looks so easy even a Caveman can do it - but looks can be deceiving
9. Inability to wait on the ball - Impatience leads to lunging which leads to easy ground ball to 3B or SS. It goes against the very nature of how hitters are taught to react. Hits are taught to be quick and react. Lob Balls requires patience and staying back
8. Pull Pull Pull - everyone wants to pull the ball macho style - leads to a lot of over swinging and lazy fly balls. People forget a hit to the opposite field counts the same as a hit to your pull zone.
7. You just suck and even when the pitcher gives you the ball you still can't hit it
6. People press - Lob can frustrate aggressive hitters, it starts out with a few hard liners that are caught, and you feel you need to do more, but more is less as you fall into the trap that points 9 and 8 addressed
5. It gets in your mind - It's mostly psychological like point 6 alluded it
4. Slow Pitching makes you sleepy. Sleepy players slump and before you know it your saying "I can't believe we only scored 2 runs off this guy"
3. If you play on a nice field with Lob pitching, the infielders play people to pull and the balls are usually hit clean and sharp to them giving them more time to throw, while outfielders play deep and few balls get passed them because of the high grass. In other words, nice fields prevent errors which help any pitcher out.
2. Lob pitchers rarely walk anyone, so if a lob baller catches a team on a day they are off and he is getting good defense, it puts even more pressure on a struggling offense to hit there way on.

and the Number One Reasons Why Hitting Lob pitching is Harder than it looks

1. Inability of a hitter to adjust, check their ego, and hit the ball on the ground to all fields. My boy Chris said it the other day "I don't want to hear that you can't hit slow pitching!! That's retarded!!!"


  1. Dude u havent ritten shit since last month! stop smoking herbs n start writin gain!!!

    ps you suck!

  2. maybe you should start a t ball league