Saturday, June 16, 2007

Terminator Future?

In the movie the Terminator, the Future goes terribly wrong.
Machines take over and their number one goal is to destroy humanity.

I fear the future of modified softball is going to go terribly wrong as slingers are starting to take over and leagues will become less and less competitive.

Slinger pitchers are the softball version of The Terminator.
An undeniably irresistible force that changes the very nature of the game with sole intent of blowing away every batter.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that modified become some Lob Arc league.

I have no problems with pitchers that throw hard as long as they follow the rules.

Good legal pitchers like Simon, Lou, Fran, Murphy, Gilbert, Edgar JR., Freddy Suarez, Eric, Carlos Con, and Castillo throw hard with movement while following the rules. In fact the latter two pitchers, Carlos and Castillo, are both top notch slingers who do not sling during modified games.

They know the difference and so does everyone else, people who hire slingers just want to win at any cost and have no respect for a league or the quality of a game.

The problem all starts with the integrity and political nature of a league.
Once you let one slinger in you let them all in. The dam busts wide open.

It's like the movie the Terminator, once you give the power to the machines they didn't want to give it back and tried to wipe out anything that stood against them - namely humans.

In softball we don't have the ability to go back and time and try and stop the future from happening like in the Terminator movies, we have to act now and take a stand against all this corruption or modified softball as we know it will be ruined.

How? more on that in the sequal to this Blong - Softball Terminator II - coming soon


  1. Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

    Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

    Biby Cletus

  2. What's up with this? This isn't a Top Ten list. You're slipping Rick.

  3. For starters, what is modified???

    Modified is square with no restrictions on the backswing of the arm as per the asa book so with that being said we can throw the 9'oclock rule out the window.

    Pitching rules
    Major = anything goes, open, sling, etc
    Modified = square, no restrictions on the height of the arm
    Fastpitch = windmill
    Arc = pitcher throwing pop-ups

    Asaid from that the asa doesn't recognize any other pitching rules. There is this misconception that modified = 9 O'clock. Pretty much everyones arm exceeds 9 on the backswing of the arm and that includes Freddie, Castillo, cedeworks and myself. Carlos, Cordero and Edgar are people that manage to stay under 9 and some of the few exceptions.

    I agree with you that the umpires can do a better job calling the game but what are you going to call ? Taking a step back is an illegal pitch and tons of pitchers do it. Every time pitcher lifts up their pivot foot that also would be an illegal pitch. How often do pitcher s do the in & out of the glove ball trick which is also illegal. These are examples of things that pitchers that are considered to be perfectly legal with this 9 O'clock non existent asa pitching rule do. If all of this was called it would make for a reallllllly long game.

    You may be moving to NJ and in the park not far from where you may live Freddie and Castillo would not be allowed to pitch and there league is a modified league. The rules are twisted to suit what the league wants.

    As for the game dieing, it's not sling but more so the lack of interest. Our age groups grew up in the schoolyards where now the younger kids are spending more time in front of the tube and playing playstation. Look at the leagues you play in. Do you see a youth movement???

    Keep up the good work here!!!


    PS Do the Met's play today? (Sunday). :)

  4. is it true they call you the chicken man?

  5. Yo fred flintstone! aka rick. shake off and man up. you are so affraid to be exposed with your weak swing and zero power. now that you think you have some authority in the big apple league you think you can ban every pitcher that bowls a ball across home plate with decent speed. if you haven't gotten a hit off of him and you never faced him in pick up he's illegal! you couldn't hit water if you fell off a boat! Sweet dreams may john brown and solito haunt you in your sleep.