Thursday, June 21, 2007

Disappointing Plays

"Tener vergüenza es parte de el juego" - having shame is part of the game
"Baseball is a very humbling game"
"Baseball/Softball is a game of failure"

These are all says that some wise baseball philosopher came up with to help ball players deal with failure.

They help a little, but the facts are that disappointing plays are well disappointing

Here are some of the more disappointing plays and what they feel like

Top Ten Disappointing plays in Softball

10. Dropping a fly ball - This is a totally shocking and embarrassing error - you feel like this should never happen. The worse part is your all alone in the OF standing out there on an island - you feel shipwrecked
9. Hitting into a double play with runners on 1st and 2nd or bases loaded - Leaves you with a totally impotent feeling
8. Striking out in softball - this one is Tricky - If it was the umps fault you can blow it off - but if an average pitcher K's you - you feel like everyone is laughing at you
7. Throwing Error - one of the worse types of plays b/c you end up giving the runner extra bases - has a snowball effect
6. Collision in the OF between 2 fielders - feels like a car accident that you never saw coming - it hurts
5. Manager walks one batter to get to another batter who then promptly homers - Manager is 2nd guessed to death and gets labeled as a micro-manager who over thinks
4. Walk Off Lost - other team wins in the last inning and leaves you on the field - Makes you feel like someone stole all your Birthday or Christmas presents
3. Winning a game by Forfeit - covered in a previous blog - It's like bad sex - leaves you disappointed and unsatisfied - total waste of time
2. Passive Errors - Infielder backs up on a grounder, OF miscommunicate, pitcher walks in the game winning run - leaves you feeling sick to your stomach

and the Number One Disappointing Play in Softball

1. Losing on a Bad call my the Ump - feels like some Con Man stole your money or worse like the IRS audited you and you have no choice but to do what they say even though you hate them

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  1. i feel ur #1 reason is poor , most close plays could go eithr way, and when the call doesn't go ur way, emotions come to play. blaming the ump is very easy for the player. when the 2 errors before the play cost the game not the BLUE.