Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Most Softball consists of DoubleHeader, two games, to maximize the softball experience.

So why not do a Doubleheader's Blog - Two Topics in One Blog.

Game One of a Softball DoubleHeader is fresh and new with the intrigue and promise of something happening that no one has ever seen before a definite possibility that draws every player to the game.

Topic Number One should be fresh and new as well, and nothing is more fresh and new to me than the comments of my loyal readers.

My most loyal reader is someone with the unique name of Anonymous.

Mr. /Mrs. Anonymous always has something to say, and most of time the feedback is witty, on point, and original. But why doesn't Mr/Mrs Anonymous come honest and list their real name?

I know why

Top Ten Reasons Why people make Anonymous comments to Softball Insider.net

10. They don't want anyone to know that they actually read Rick's blog and fear public humiliation if identified
9. Scared of having their identity stolen on the web and used in a card card commercial
8. Too Scared to list their name for fear Rick might write a blog about them
7. They are killing time at work and don't want their Boss to know they are goofing off so they leave no name to reduce the evidence.
6. The person leaving the comment plays for Rick and wants to avoid being benched
5. Why sign a name when everyone knows only Blonde, Astrid (my wife), Evil Palma and John Castillo are the only ones who read my blogs anyway - process of elimination will find the person out - no need to sign
4. Anonymous is in one of Rick's fantasy league competitors and doesn't want Rick upset because he is hoping to get Prince Fielder cheap in a trade
3. Their high when they write a comment and just forget to sign their name
2. Their freaky like that - they even have their lovers call them Anonymous in Bed

and the Number One Why people make Anonymous comments to Softball Insider.net

1. Who cares !?!?!? Most of time any comment is a good comment because it means people actually read this stuff - HOLLER!!!!!!!!!

OK now that the newness and awkwardness of Game One is over it's time to start Game Two.

Game Two is all about Momentum.

If you win game one you try and keep it going by coming out strong early and putting your opponent away, essentially breaking their will.

On the other hand, if you lost Game One you try and weather the storm, calm the troops, play solid fundamental ball and show the other team you can beat them.

That is easier said than done.

So .....

Top Ten Ways to Regain Momentum after a tough Game One Loss of a Double Header

10. Pitching - Momentum is as good as your next game starter pitcher.
9. Defense - Nothing is more demoralizing than losing a game because of bad defense. Pitching plus defense will always give you a chance. It's like novicane give it time and it always works. Nothing like turning a double play to give a team a spark.
8. 10 Man Lineup - If your not hitting, 11 man lineups are like anchors unless your 11th hitter is a stud like Carlos Con, Georgie, Castillo, or Gilbert
7. Don't panic - Experienced managers and players always believe they can come back from a bad play or game. Confidence is teh 6th tool - Remember?
6. Don't fight among yourselves - Fighting in public for a couple or teammates is the same thing - Embarrassing. Keep it behind closed doors.
5. Stay positive "HIP HIP HORRAY HIP HIP HORRAY" - So corny but so true
4. Go to the bathroom - release all your waste and feel fresh
3. Practice and stay active between games so you can try and regain your Mojo
2. Take your mind off of softball if your burned out - call your girl, play with some kids, - Whatever it takes to relax

and the Number One Way to to Regain Momentum after a tough Game One Loss of a Double Header

1. Score early - It will relax everyone - even if you only score 1 run - try and manufacture a run via hit and run, advancing runners, hitting the other way . In other words, HIT!!!!!!!!!


  1. well lets just start with number 10- i see your point- but don't you think it would be more embarassing for us to walk around the park with you.
    number 7 is justy wrong-i thought you knew us better...we don't have jobs and even when we work there are no bosses of us- thats why we get to play double headers all day.
    number 3 too true- actually sometimes i get high just to comment on your blog

    now that i think about it- untill you called us out-we were actually doing you a favor...by writting anonymous, other readers actually thought more people commented on your blog


  2. stop posting this BS and go the batting cages!

  3. Yo Rick! why do you run like the wind under water?