Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Softball Birthday

As Yogi Berra might say
"Today is my Birthday and there special b/c I only get one once a year".

Today, June 19th, I turn 38 - damn that's old but in softball terms that's the prime of your career.

On your Birthday you get to make a wish but being that I am Mr. Top Ten I get Ten of them

Top Ten Softball Birthday Wishes

10. I wish all slingers would stay out of modified leagues - I know I'm a broken record about this topic but that would make me happy
9. That Gallagher's beats Choice Parts this weekend while I'm away in Boston and sends the evil Sith Lord Rosenmiller home with a loss
8. That Gubi never wears that horrible wife beating tank top ever again to one of our games
7. That we beat Bears Stearn's tonight in the Wall Street Softball league
6. That the Mets beat Johan Santana tonight - I know that's not softball but my Mets need all the help they can get and a little Birthday luck might do the trick
5. That Johnny Castillo come out of the witness protection program and return to play softball
4. I hope I get all the liquor I want into my system immediately after the game tonight - nothing like blogging hammered
3, Astrid - again not softball related, but she's really #1 and if I don't include her in this blog I'm history - In other words, I'm p-whipped
2. A good season gets better

and the Number One Softball Birthday Wish I have

1. Championships!!!!!!!!! Holler!!!!!!



  2. Slingshot and illegal pitchers destroyed the saturday league and will eventually destroy the sunday league. The sunday league shpuld be a true modified league. It's more fun for both the hitters and the fielders.