Monday, June 18, 2007


A very important acquisition for any Softball team is the FA position.


SS is someone who plays shortstop.
RF is someone who plays right field.
FA is someone who plays Forfeit Avoider.

In most softball leagues you need 9 guys to play a game (some leagues let you start with 8 and I actually won a game with 8 guys once).

An FA's #1 job is to give you a player who will give you enough guys to avoid a forfeit.

He doesn't have to be good.
He doesn't need a uniform.
He doesn't need a glove.
All he, or she for that matter, needs is a pulse.

are crucial because every team no matter how good or bad are going to have days when they are extremely short on heads.

are under appreciated and highly exploited, as managers quickly casts them aside for the lure of signing a stud player in the hopes of winning.

The best kind of FA is one that neither hurts you defensively nor complains about playing time.

Who are some of the best FA's I know

10. Me - not a stud player but not a total scrub - dumb enough to show up week in week out
9. Palma - skilled player - her only problem as an FA is that she always wants to play. Softball warrior mentality is to be commended.
8. Sehe - Cardinals. A Rick favorite. Looks like Costello from Abbot and Costello. Is very loyal and dependable - knows the game and don't sleep on him he can play.
7. Alex - Wall Street and Merrill Lynch - his pulse and heart rate conform to FA requirements
6. John Sheppard West - whenever his team needs him he's there - very scrappy and knows how to play - FA status is in jeopardy this year because of knee injury.
5. Blonde - Knockout and Gallagher's - contrary to popular belief he does own a glove
4. Lou - West/Highlander - as 1st base coach watches over 200 games a year - always has his cleats on - in 200 games has like 1 at bat
3. Steve Jimenez - not only FA's for his team but for other teams in the same league. Stands out there like deer in headlights because the game must go on, Does have a sincere deep love for the game.
2. Jeff Marcus - Gallagher's and Commishioner Big Apple League - Actually the perfect FA - has no desire to play but shows up every week - prefect safety net to avoid a forfeit

and the Number One FA in Softball

1. Dio Jackson - no FA can play the infield or dress better than him - but above all else his head first slides into all bases are a thing of beauty

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