Saturday, December 29, 2012

Comeback.. No where else to go

Adam Levine "My Life"

"My life, my life
Makes me wanna run away
There's no place to go, no place to go
All the confusion
It's an illusion like a movie
Got nowhere to go
Nowhere to run and hide
No matter how hard I try"

The most obvious form of a Comeback in softball is rallying from a large deficit, but it does emerge in other forms like :
  • Coming Back from a bad season or prior performance
  • Coming Back from a benching to be the Man
  • Coming Back from an embarrassing moment or an error
  • Coming Back after a bad call
  • Coming Back from an injury
  • Coming Back a few games down in a playoff series
  • Coming Back to haunt your old team

You get the idea as Comebacks are thrilling, inspiring, and most importantly character revealing. They say America loves a Comeback. I know I do, both inside and especially outside of sports.Whether it be in music (props to 50 cent), 

politics, finance, career, personal, etc. Ironically, before you comeback you have to fail, face adversity, or at least get lost somewhere along way. This sucks as no one wants to fail at something or worse yet, lose a piece of oneself . That's why Comebacks are meaningful because they require the courage to change and to ask deep questions like "what's really important to me"?  "Is it worth the effort?" that only can be answered by one's very one conscience.

From an emotional standpoint the number one thing that fuels a comeback is Desire. You have to want to comeback, you have to want to sacrifice, you have to want to fight. It's not easy, but if it were easy then anyone could do it and that's why comebacks are special because not everyone can do it. 

Right now I want to come back ... to the blog that is it is a very important part of my life and there is no place to go.  

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