Sunday, December 30, 2012

Season Review : 5 of 10 ... Rangers ... it comes in 3's #1

In 2012 I was committed to and played on 11 softball teams. Yes 11 you read that right. This is the fifth of an eleven part season review series that provides a review of their trials and tribulations 

Season Review : Rangers

Record: 20-12
Final Standing: Lost in Semi-Finals
Insider Analysis : Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!!!

The old superstition "It Comes in 3's" is based on the idea that when two unlucky events occur within a short period, a third will happen soon. This is doubly true with the Rangers as :
  1. For the 3rd consecutive years the team lost in the Semi-finals one game away from the finals. 3 - fuck, fuck, fuck
  2. This would be a series of three straight days of elimination for me in September 2012.
I'm so hurt and disgusted I can't even further analyze.

Season Highlight:
From a team standpoint : A well played mid season sweep of perennial league powerhouse and 2012 runner up Radio Free, without Armando, was a very nice accomplishment.

The team was full of many good guys and two individual players performances clearly stand out :
 (1)  Brilliant non modified pitcher Armando who almost single handling won numerous games
 and promising young Oliver
who delivered mightily in numerous post season games.

What Next : Honestly, I don't know as after another bitter defeat, the team is fractured yet their is still a core. Let's see

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