Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Softball vs Running
written by guest blogger Juan (aka Blondie) Moreiras

I started “running” about a year ago and since have run about 10 races in Central park and the Coogans Race twice. Softball, been doing that for a long time, though I hardly play anymore, I'm still in tune with the scene. That being said, from my perspective,which is better?

Softball: competition can vary greatly. Some games are lame, boring and complete mismatches, others are intense, exciting and played a very high skill level.

Running: competition is what you make of it. You’ll always be competing against your own previous times or you may just be inspired to catch up to the old lady who ran by you. You may be just be happy finishing.

Advantage: Softball

Playing Time / Participation
Softball: Only the best players will play in the “big-games.” You can always find a place to play if you are at the very least a marginal player, willing to pay a fee, and will show up consistently. Otherwise, its survival of the fittest.

Running: Anyone can one run and no-one cares what you look like or how you perform. In the end, everyone’s a winner.

Advantage: Running

Softball: The feeling of making a big play, getting a game winning hit, or just being part of winning a championship is amazing. Great moments like that stay with you forever. Quite simply, there’s nothing like it. You win – you’re a star. You lose – you feel pain. High risk and high reward.

Running: Except for the super runners at the front of the races, there’s not much glory here. You will feel great coming through the finish line, but it won’t be an everlasting memory.

Advantage: Softball

Softball: Contrary to myth, many softball players are in excellent shape and are superb athletes’. However, the game itself, is for the most part is not a real workout. The practicing can be an awesome workout if done right (not just BP).

Running: Well, it is “RUNNING”, not walking, not sitting on a bench or standing around the outfield. How hard you run is up to you, but you will be running and pumping blood for a few miles.

Advantage: Running

Softball: Great players can skip many games, take vacations, and basically show up when they feel like it. They will still bat 3rd, play SS, and probably do very well. Others will benched on their behalf. That’s just the way it is; winning trumps all. If you’re stud player, everybody knows you.

Running doesn’t care who you are and what you’ve done in the past. Every mile is exactly the same distance and if you are not prepared you will suck. Once you hit the road, everyone is an equal.

Advantage: if you’re good - Softball, if you’re a scrub - running. It’s a tie.

Softball fun can mean many things to different players. For most, fun=winning. But for many guys, just hangin’ out at the park playing, watching, drinking, smoking, is quite fun.

Running: I admit, running is not fun. Let me clarify, the first and last 100ft in a race is fun – a DJ is playing music, people are cheering and you feel great. The rest is simply work. You will warm up after a mile or two and feel good, but its not really fun.

Advantage: Softball

Fans / Atmosphere
Softball has its fans depending on where you play. Central park is full of tourists and an occasional celebrity who will watch games. Players will bring families, wifes and friends to watch occasionally. Then the ever present groupies. The fans are usually not a factor and many times there are very few if any. Its not MLB, so it’s really a players game, that is, unless you playing, you probably have something better to do.

Running; the atmosphere is great for fans. They support the runners with sign and banners, they cheer everyone, there’s music, free massages, free food and drinks. In the Coogans race there was a Mariachi band on 181st playing Guantanamera for the runners. How can you beat that?

Advantage: running

IT’S A TIE!!!! I think you’re best of if you can do both. Running will help your softball game, and Softball will help you relax - maybe not.

PS Blogging is a lot of work.


  1. Yo blondy what number did you come in?

  2. I run very slow (but getting faster). I'm usually in the middle of the pack. So if 5000 people run, i should about number 3000.

  3. I didn't know they give a "rub and tug" after races. Sign me up for the next race!

  4. Is that you in the orange. Cute.

  5. Hey Ricky, its Abner. Hope your winter was good. Any word from Bob and the Garment Center (Wednesday night) league? Is it happening this year? Can you email me with any info you have at Thanks!

    See you on the field this spring.