Thursday, August 11, 2011

LT almost dooms LT

Last night LawyerTime (LT) began it's post season, championship, and perfect season run with a 1st round playoff match up vs. the WallBangers under difficult circumstances.  At forfeit time the team only had 8 players as I was stuck in the god damn fucking Lincoln Tunnel (LT) for over an hour
Fucking Miserable traffic
after finally getting through that tunnel mess, I broke every major tarffic law but still got there late,
( bottom of the 1st),  by then the WallBangers took advantage of our 8 man defense and put two early runs on the board. However, once we had nine players we settled down to play good old school softball and swept them convincingly thank to the yo-man pitching effort of Lou 22

It was a good night for old school wrestling fans like Anthony and myself

as we dedicated the LT Championship belt for this evening to the late great
Randy Macho Man Savage

On a pathetic side note, the WallBangers protested our shortstop Ramon "Sito" Baez

who was played at least 9-10 games this year. I guess he looked too A96 for them. 
They eventually dropped their protest. They knew it was petty,  weak, and had no basis.

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  1. Rick, its the WallBangers, that said it all.
    Don't ever give that team any print.
    Just make sure SITO brings those wild socks of