Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Game Time Rain .. pain

We have all prayed for rain at some point in our softball lives, but in general we accept rain outs as part of the sport. We all cope with them in one way or another ,but any true player will tell you that the worst kind of rain out is the dreaded
Game Time Rain Out.

 Top Ten Reasons Game Time Rain Outs Suck
10. You look forward to playing all day just to escape your menial existence, then at game time that fucking Bitch Mother Nature softball cock teases you by having it pour and cancelling the game. Time for a softball cold shower.
9. Waste of Travel Time - waste of fucking time in general. Sucks
8. Softball Walk of Shame him - no game and you don't want anyone seeing you go home in your softball outfit soaking wet and frustrated after getting no action
7. You used up a lie to a boss, spouse, girl, babysitter, or mom to go to the game and now the god damn game never happened - ughhhhhh  - that was a good lie wasted now I gottta think of other shit to lie about so I can go play and we all know we nly have some many lie bullets in our chamber
6. You sit in Traffic for over an hour going home

- Drive of shame - where you think of how your life has gone wrong
5. Not only are you rained out but the baseball team you follow is probably cancelled and your forced to watch the Lifetime channel at home. Lifetime... my god .. you not even a man anymore
4. You knew it was going to rain and like a sucker you went to the field anyway - should have trusted your instincts but you were too much of  loyal softball whore to stay home - sucker
3. Waste of money - gas, toll, transportation, time spent at bar, purchase of drugs to easy pain, etc
2. Your manager and teammates won't remember/appreciate you showing up for fucking nothing

and the Number one Reason Game Time Rain Outs Sucks

1. They just fucking do and you can't do anything about it - powerless


  1. Earthquakes, volcanos and tornados are worse.

  2. the upside is it gives you time to think about what the fuck you're doing wrong with your swing when you're having shitty at bats .