Sunday, August 14, 2011

365 Days Later ... Howie Dixon ... Mr. Birmingham Black Barons

It's been a year since Howie Dixon passed away, , but yesterday his friends, Los Locos,
got together

 as he was not forgotten

and proudly/fondly remembered him

for all of his on and off the field magic

It's appropriate that today is a sad rainy day, as we pay homage to our lost comrade. As I mentioned in my interview above, Howie had a true love of the game and I'm sure the Birmingham Black Barons

biggest fan would be so proud of his friends b/c even though they may be Loco, they do have heart.


  1. A truly great man.

  2. Rick post up a Picture of Howie for those who never met him...

  3. Ricky,
    This was a great tribute. Thanks (to you and Jimmy) for putting this together-and seeing this, I really wished I was there with you guys that day. I miss Howie too.