Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rivalry - a lost softball genre?

Rivalries are a big part of sports

as they bring out powerful emotions in everyone involved.

While the will to win is still very prevalent and the essence of competitive softball, I have noticed fewer and fewer rivalries forming recently. Maybe I've been around B96 a bit too much, or maybe it's because everyone knows one another and familiarity isn't breeding contempt, maybe everyone is just too damn politically correct/conscious, but there seem to be less true Rivalries around nowadays. Too bad. That let extra Rivalry x-factor in a game always adds a special meaning to a game. Here's hoping more out of the closet rivalries come to the forefront at playoff time, otherwise playing the game is like eating barbecue without the seasoning - less flavor/taste

Till Then here are some of my favorite Rivalries
10. Bragging Rights - Yeah winning money is nice but having the memory/knowledge of beating someone fair and square on the field is awesome. They will never live it down
9. Asshole/Bully Rivalry - nothing like beating up on a asshole/bully. Nothing. You can throw whiners and complainers in there. Same thing. Deserve an ass whipping. No honor
8.Talent Rivalry - The challenge of facing a worthy foe is always exciting and really the best reason to have a rivalry as the corny cliche "You have to beat the best to be the best" is your motivation
7. Goon/Trash Talking Rivalry - Always tense. Always edgy. Very Personal. Love beating goons and not saying a word all game.
6. Revenge Game - Pay back bitch
5. Racist Rivalry Game - love playing against a racist and beating them. Best racists to beat are the ones who don't even know they are racist. Arrogant bastards.
4. Hell hath No Fury Like a Player Scorned Rivalry game - playing against a former team is very cool. This could fall under #6 above as well
3. Cheater Rivalry - love playing against known cheaters and beating them.
2. Money Game Rivalry - Winning money is nice. Let's keep it real.

and my Number One Favorite Rivalry

1. Jealousy Rivalry - Jealously is good in softball, as long as you handled it the right way. If someone else was won or always beat you then they have something you want. These games have extra meaning. Time to go after it on the field. Not by whining, not by crying, not by complaining, but by going out there and doing it yourself - Playing good ball. That's what a rivalry is about. Competition.

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