Thursday, August 11, 2011

Swimming/Playing with Sharks

Earlier this week, Diana Nyad, 61, braved shark-infested waters to try to complete a 103-mile swim from Cuba
to Key West, Fla.,
to prove you’re never too old to go for it.
But early Tuesday, she had to quit after 29 hours in the water battling ocean swells, shoulder pain and asthma, as she was vomiting when she was brought aboard a support boat at 12:45 a.m.

Nyad had tried this swim before, in 1978, but had to stop after 42 hours in the face of huge waves. She  started out Sunday with high hopes -– and without a shark cage.Although she shunned the cage, she did have some protection from the sharks that patrol the warm waters between Florida and Cuba. Her support crew included kayaks with underwater electrical shields that emit a frequency intended to shoo the sharks away. If that failed, divers were ready to intervene. When Nyad announced her plans for the swim, she received a deluge of warnings. "I get emails from people saying they are shark experts,” “They say I will be like a dinner bell out there. I’ve started deleting those immediately.”

Wow Nyad is ku ku for coco puffs, - I mean c'mon no shark cage? That's insane. But you gotta give her credit she went for it  - she has prepared to go swimming with sharks. She wasn't afraid. In softball we also have to be prepared to swim, I uh mean play, with Softball Land Sharks,
as they are prevalent in the game, but like Nyad we can't be afraid of them or let them get in our way.

Their are many different Breeds of Softball Sharks .. here are my Top Ten

10. Great White - you know the type, everyone on their team looks the same, acts the same, is the same
9. Stat Shark - this breeds spews statistics constantly when facing the enemy
8. Hammer Head Shark - dumb ignorant player/coach/person
7. Tiger Shark - cut throat player/coach who will do anything to win - cheat , wringers, lie
6. Whale Shark - Has the most power/size in the league - biggest fish in the pond.
5. White tip Reef Sharks - players/coaches who look scary but are rarely aggressive
4. Two Face Shark - Softball commissioners who have no honor and never keep their word
3. Dormant Shark - Player who has a long history with an umpire or other team and is ready to attack at any time. Very dangerous.
2.  Jaws - Softball player who never shuts up , always causes problems, no one can stop, and your afraid to go into the water, I mean get on the field, because he's around

and my number one type of Softball Shark

1. Recruiting Shark - this is the coach/manager/player who is always on the look out for new players and steals players away form other teams all the time behind your back. Ruthless

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