Thursday, September 30, 2010

Obvious Hidden in Plain Sight JB Factor

A common mistake many people have made over the last 3 years is to think that Choice Parts "CP"was solely John BrownWell that fallacy was clearly been disproved by a classy and talented staple of polished players over the last several season.

Still almost every conversation that involves the Parts inevitably turns to the John Brown Factor which includes the following (which anyone who has ever seen him play can attest to):

Physical Factors

  • Dominant high speed pitching with a heavy ball
  • Filthy Change Up
  • Good Hitter - all fields
  • Smart defender

Intangible Factors

  • Intimidation - depends on the experience/heart of his competition
  • Gamer - Admirable Unmatched Desire to Win. True warrior

These characteristic provide CP with many positives, but one obvious hidden in plain sight advantage it affords them is Leverage in Recruiting.

CP's manager and players work together brilliantly and without hesitation to recruit top players to surround JB. All winning business, organizations, and teams build upon their #1 asset to promote themselves and CP's #1 asset is JB. This is very smart as if you have top starting pitching, then the top players will follow b/c they want to win. Very smart.

Softball recruiting is a ruthless cut throat dirty game where you have to use every edge possible to your advantage to attract and keep top talent. It's really quite simple, if you have a top dependable dominant starting pitcher who happens to be a great guy (fellow Met/Jet fan) like JB, only a fool wouldn't use him as a recruiting chip. Again very smart


  1. Yes he great.and all that you mention.
    Money talks,and rosenmillers bullshit keeps on walking.....
    Blocking pitchers from helping other teams.he has control of this league.go to the commisioner with a question on the league,and all you get is ...duh uh um! I dont k.ow!!!!.why a team like the skins who will always give you hard time.get a pitcher!!!rosenmiller will say hell no hes illegal!!!!!well so is mr brown.!!!!!that why he cant pitch in other leagues.......

  2. Can you tell me how in the world does Bobby Langer get banned in this league?

    CP is great team all around and im sure they can do well with other pitchers but there is no way in the world they could easily win without JB.
    The difference between JB and CP(players) is that JB can win it on any team he goes too. You cant say that for the CP as a whole.

    I remember half of their players talked shit about each other, now they play together, why? because they have JB and know they will win.
    If i wanted a cake walk in each game,id play on JB's team also. I dont praise them at all. What is there to be proud of? Did Doc even pitch in any playoff game? He might have if CP won 1st game of series.
    The truth is: CP is a fine team and have great players and they can win games without JB but with JB there is no question its lights out contest for other teams in a long series.
    JB-let me know how much your getting paid and ill bump it another $50 just to prove you will win with any team in that league, even the Bombers!
    Question for players on CP other then JB:

    On any team you played with in your whole life. Did you ever go on the field with doubt in your mind about losing or a simple worry?
    It must be a nice feeling to go on field and know for sure you will win, makes playing alot easier.

    Kudos to CP but it cant be that great of a victory feeling. If other teams had DaddyWarbucks, they would buy a Chip also. Morty tried but Fran didnt show up as much, he must not be a good dentist.

  3. CP - blah, blah blah....agree with annonymous. Take John off the team and it becomes even match week to week and in playoffs between CP and other good teams in league. Nevertheless, 3 peat is a pretty cool accomplishment, same as Contact a few years back. Tough to do no matter what kind of players you have on a team.

    Insider made good point about CP having a top notch middle infield. Guessing Insider feels CP's shortstop and 2nd baseman are tops in league (good choices / argument). Any thoughts Insider on who occupies other top fielding positions in league during this past summer of 2010? Kick it around. Go around the horn, and do outfield as well.


  4. I understand those of you who think htings are unfair here. However, let me remind you of something please. Jack S. here so no secrets. I played with Contact and in 2004, 2005 and 2006 we beat John brown. Three straight years. We had Bobby Fishman and Mat as our pitchers. Excellent pitchers at that as are most of the pitchers in this league. You beat someone once maybe it's luck. You beat someone twice maybe you got luckier. You beat them three straight and it's not luck. Stop whining. John Brown was at his best then. We beat him. Not easy. Every game a massive struggle but we won. tremendous talent at every position for Contact those three years. We played them tough and we beat them. So PLEASE stop complaining. They were also eliminated the next year in 07. This CP team is just incredibly deep. Every spot. We're so much more htan just JB. He is the best no doubt but we're so much more just as Contact was deep and so much more than any one player. A team that won 3 straight against my current teammate JB.

    jack s.

  5. 3 PEAT

  6. its funny that j.b was his best when contact beat them. contact was also 5 years younger. And was not most of those championships c.p vs contact. How was that fun for rest of league. contact's pitching was decent, their defense was outstanding!

  7. Isen´t John brown banned in ny state? He is on the black list just about evrywhere. The big apple needs new leadership not all teams are like the bombers that loves to lose.

  8. Dude your team sucks so much CP could beat you with my grandmother pitching.
    Get a life.
    Or some ball players.

  9. Old School and Hells Kitchen beat JB and Contact-i think they are the only 2 teams that won Chips in between all the JB Parts and Contact teams. The one common factor is that they both had Meyers. Unfortunatly the other common factors went to CP-- A Gonzalez, H Hernandez, Peckins, Eric. So it isnt a surprize that CP is Champ for awaile now because of Old School/HK players that jumped ship after management fell apart! Id like to see them back in league. They brought excitement and winning attitude and it goes to show now that they play with CP. Ricky, why dont you take over HK.

  10. I love Meyers... lemons I mean.

  11. There are at least 5 teams in the Big Apple League that have the position players to win a championship with John Brown. Anybody that doesn't think so doesn't know the game.

    With John Brown on your staff all you need do is score 3 runs and you'll win 95% of all your games.
    Very few teams have scored 4 runs or more on JB
    since I've been in this league.

    That is not saying that The Parts position players aren't outstanding but let's get real...wihtout JB they are a quality team but would NEVER win 3 consecutive championships especially if they had to face JB in the finals.

  12. Hells chicken and west,the same goons. Those weed smokers violent gang cant touch fast pitching.

  13. hells kitchen cant touch fastpitch! thats why we beat jb twice the first year right! stop being an anonymous punk! we.ll smoke all that weed and still come out and kick your ass on the field or off it bitches!!! stop cryin about jb and come out and beat him crybabies!!! improve your teams or get out and go play lob ball!!! ANGELO!!!

  14. To Anonymous who asked a CP player: "On any team you played with in your whole life. Did you ever go on the field with doubt in your mind about losing or a simple worry?
    It must be a nice feeling to go on field and know for sure you will win, makes playing alot easier"

    I never go on a field without "a simple worry" - that's how you lose. Worried like shit last year when Franny kicked our ass in the semis. Worried this year when Contact took game 1. Played behind JB through the 90s and only time we won was when he wasn't on the mound. JB lost in another league this year that is half as good as the Big Apple because he didn't get support.

    No question JB is great. Lost with him and won with him. The difference is the players. Question: Does Bobby Fish win without Raf? Why did league managers vote Fish the Best PItcher over JB a few years ago?
    Of course it wouldn't be as easy without JB, as it wouldn't have been as easy for Contact without Raf...the guy who bounced Shawon Dunston at short stop in high school. How close did JB come to minor league ball? Not as close as Raf or some other guys out there. Other teams wouldn't be as good without good pitching either. Where is Mayaguez without Cedric or Working Class without Franny or O'Hanlons without Evelio? Obviously, you lose a top player the team is not so good.
    Doc shut O'Hanlon's down in the finals...1 run over 12 innings. 2 victories. Why's that? Give some respect to Kip and Vic and Hector and Jack and Angelo and Eric and Peck and Clay and Doc and Dave and Artie and Lou and Lorenzo and the rest of the team. JB's not the one who scores the run, plays the field, runs the bases and does all the other things CP does well. JImmy Bitros said it right last week when he said you need to put together a team that has chemistry and plays together...then you win. Ask Contact, still the greatest dynasty this league has seen.

    To the Anonymous who said: "wihtout JB they are a quality team but would NEVER win 3 consecutive championships especially if they had to face JB in the finals." How about with Cedric? Franny? Matty? Gil? Murph in his day? Edgar Jr. in his day? Ozzie Schwartz? Slim?

  15. We win with a girl pitching.
    No team even comes close to the talent we have.

  16. Here's what i think.

    CP has more talent, position for position than any other team (I am on another team). There are star players scattered throughout the league, and good players on almost every team, but no team matches the talent level of CP at all positions on the field and 1-10 in the lineup.

    That alone, is not enough to 3-peat, though.

    Without JB, I'd guess that CP would drop another 3-4 games over the course of the season. Not because they're average without him, just that on some days, they're not going to have they're 'A' game or they will run into a team that is playing very well.

    I've said it before, even with JB, there are at least 3 teams (2010) that could beat CP IF they played their best game -- maybe not 3 out of 5, but 1 or 2 wins for sure. The problem is that CP, with JB, requires a team to bring it's best game every time -- there's so little margin for error, and a small misake can be the difference. If CP plays a bad game, they're still going to be in it because JB is unlikely to allow more than 3 runs, and often, fewer than that. That's just not the case with the rest of the teams in the league. And that's what makes beating CP in a series such a challenge.

    Bottom line: CP wins repeatedly because JB allows them to win WITHOUT playing their best game. And no team plays their best all of the time.

    I for one am thrilled that JB is 'legal' -- it's a challenge to play CP and I welcome it. And to be fair -- unlike the rest of us, CP gets everyone's best effort, and many of our best games, and that should count for something too.

  17. I will face JB any day.

  18. VIC and HEC in the middle- BEST IVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!! noone comes close not even raf and trenk!!!!!

  19. Trenk....HAAA, is that a JOKE??? How do you even put him in the same paragraph as those 3???? Not only the dirtiest player in the league, but without question the most over rated.

  20. I thought I was the most overrated player in the league.

  21. Who would you rather barrel over at home plate...Angelo or Trenk???

  22. VIC and HEC in the middle- BEST IVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!

    You can say that again

  23. Over Angelo for sure.

  24. Trenk all day and twice on Sundays

  25. Rick should burn in hell for this.

  26. Rick should burn in In-wood, you meant.

  27. To October 6th Anonymous - You make very good points about CP but you miss the big point - CP lost with JB and did not win championships. CP won when the position players improved. It's not a question of just having JB; it's having both. No doubt JB is excellent. And, as you said, CP has "more talent, position for position." Neither alone is enough to 3-peat; both together are. Chicken or egg, you tell me?
    Bringing your A game is something every team has to do to win in this league. You are not going to make it thru the finals without doing so. Maybe you escape with one bad game per series, otherwise against any of the good teams in the league you lose. You don't beat Contact without your A game, both pitching and position players. Same with Diesel, and Cedric and Franny.