Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Softball Legend and Latin Professor X Analyzes Big Apple Playoffs

Great Players come in the many unlikely shapes, sizes, personalities, and ages and no one I know fits that description more than NYC Softball Legend Nelson (Professor X lookalike) Alvardo.
Nelson is like a softball father to many of us and carries the reputation of being one of the greatest softball hitters NYC has ever seen. At age 65 this guy remains in top shape and could wake up in the middle of a snowstorm in January and hit a line drive up the middle.

Like Professor X, , Nelson is very soft spoken and a recruiter. But instead of recruiting people with super powers he recruits softball mutants b/c he knows/loves the game, has an eye for talent, and wants to win at all cost. In other words, he's a closet ruthless/relentless recruiter.

Recently the insider caught up with him in Central Park (where else?) and got his insight as a player and manager (he managed a good Mayaguez team into the 2010 playoffs) regarding the remaining 3 teams in The Big Apple Playoffs.
Enjoy the following analysis from a living legend with softball telekinetic abilities.

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